Failure and Success

Failure, it is the word that frightens us, it is the word that pulls us back and it is the word we hear while commencing a new program.

Students are worried about failures, from exams, from experiments and from competitions. Youths are fearing failures while searching for jobs or while attending an interview. Elders may be hesitant to take challenge because of the fear of failure and thus all are feared of failures except little kids and those who are strong-willed and courageous.

Failure is the real problem when we want to do something courageously. While attending an exam, usually we may think, what will we do if we do not come out successfully. Teachers and parents tell ” failure is the stepping stone to success” . We should learn from the failures and should correct our ways before doing it again. It is fine, but do these advise bring confidence and do these are enough for success? Definitely no.

For being successful, the term failure itself should be avoided. Never think of it, only think about the success and try hard. I have a cousin, oh! what a pessimist he is! I do not like to share any ideas and plans with him. Because when I tell him, I am going to do this or that, his spontaneous response is, what will you do, if it does not turn out successfully. Such kind of person will definitely perish your confidence. You may become doubtful and hesitant.

Before starting a program or before attending an exam, first entrust all with God, try hard, search the pros and cons, correct the mistakes that you have committed earlier, pacify yourself and do what you feel at that time. You will be guided properly and you will be successful. There you can feel the courage and confidence. Be an optimist in each step.

Remember what Paulo Coelho said in “The Alchemist”, ” There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”



World No Tobacco Day

WHO observes May 31st as the World No Tobacco Day. The aim is to keep people away from the use of tobacco. It is observed every year and this year it aims to ban tobacco advertising promotion and sponsorship. The use of tobacco can cause deadly diseases like, cancer, stroke, heart and lungs problems like heart attacks and emphysema. This will affect the life of the people who live with the smokers. Smokers and passive smokers both are affected; it may be the wife, husband, parents or children who are falling as victims.

It is observed public-ally, both governmental and non- governmental organizations conduct meetings, rally, educational programs, campaigns and banners to encourage people to stop smoking. Tobacco is produced from nicotine leaves. By 16 th century the use of tobacco became popular; now it is used in different forms like, cigarettes, pipes, hand-rolling tobacco, chewing tobacco and  creamy snuff. Along with the use of tobacco, many illness like heart attacks, cancer, stroke and pulmonary diseases began to affect the normal life. 

Almost all countries  and  governmental organizations are trying to make people aware of the adverse effect of tobacco; stop smoking campaigns are done, even the cigarette packet has the statutory warning. But, only with those warnings smokers won’t stop smoking. It is seen that, how the lungs will be looked; after the  consumption of tobacco. Some might have stopped smoking, but they might have chosen other alternative like, chewing.

If there is a smoker in your family, the whole family is at risk. We have to rescue our new generation, our kids. The easy availability of tobacco is to be restricted. Strict banning of cigarettes, and chewing gums are necessary. Laws should be established to punish public smoking. Film and sports stars are the role models of our kids; so they should abstain from public smoking and advertisements that promote cigarettes and chewing gums.

While observing this years no tobacco day, quit smoking; you are saving yourself and your loved ones. 



Retreat and Reconnect

For the last four days I was participating in a spiritual retreat.  It was really a valuable period spent for prayer, meditation and study. Many religious communities have different kinds of retreats. It has become an integral part for different religious communities.

For Christians Spiritual Retreats was established by St. Ignatius Loyola. In earlier days it was a spiritual exercise used for reconciliation through meditation. Today, there is one day retreat and a retreat for several days. People, renounce their day-to-day activities to be with God under the guidance of a priest who is well-studied in theology and the sermons.  They spend the time, hearing talks that may guide in the later life,and in prayers and mediation. Confessions can be done, there we may get the assistance of studied counselors, who can comfort and calm  us. Really, a true reunion is done, we are coming out as a rejuvenated new person. The next challenge may be, how we continue to live in that spirituality.  

I got the chance to hear a number of valuable speeches, that focused mainly on family, growth of children,and  importance of prayer. There was a day for confession and one hour adoration in which we could immerse fully in prayers. We are told that, family should be bonded in  love, affection and care. Most family problems are aroused because of the lack of true and sincere love. Sacrifice, care and service are the important factors on which the family should be built up. Use of alcohol and drug destroy the harmonious family atmosphere. The new generation may be facing the challenge of being workaholic or being a computer addict. We may be giving more importance to the work and money; or we may be spending our leisure time with computer. Communication is the only solution for true bonding in the family. Partners should hear and talk with each other; we should hear the ideas, complaints and suggestions of our kids. Praying together is the other method of being together. A family that prays together stays together.



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While passing through the adolescence, most of us might have heard  the advice, ” think twice before you speak or before you act”. It is the age of action; people may jump into an action without thinking the consequences or necessity. Active involvement, that is the only attitude.  It may affect us directly, or it may influence the life of our fellow beings, but there may be no chance of thinking before immersing into an action. That is the age of responding to anything.

But we should think twice before speaking a word. We may be commenting spontaneously, or may be expressing what we have felt. But some words may hurt the feelings of others. It is more painful to hurt with tongue than making wounds. The wounds can be healed, but the wounds formed by words cannot be healed. It may stay in the heart as a permanent scar. Definitely, it will affect the relationships. Anger is the real villain, we have to control our anger while talking, otherwise we may use hurting words. While talking, we should be careful to use only good and sophisticated words, that won’t hurt the feelings of others. We may be worried with so many matters, we may be irritated; even though, we have  to be in good manners. Our single word may sooth others, so our talks should be in such a way to calm and pacify others. Words are like sparks, a single hurting word is enough to arouse a quarrel, similarly, a single soothing word is enough to pacify an about to explode situation. 

While talking, our conscience should be like a sieve, separate the good from the bad before speaking out.  Then we will be able to use only good words and we may not hurt others, or we may not sin with our tongue. 




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Every year May 17 is attributed to World Hyper Tension Day. It was started on 2005 and has become an annual event. It is the initiative of World Hyper Tension League; the purpose is to make people aware of the ‘silent killer’, that is Hyper Tension or High Blood Pressure. It is the medical condition in which the blood pressure is raised, many people have high blood pressure, but they are leading a life without knowing it. If not treated, it may damage the arteries and veins and that may lead to the death of the patient. All on a sudden he may fall unconscious because of heart attack or stroke which may lead to permanent disability. That is why it is called the Silent killer. Chronic hyper tension may damage the heart and kidneys, the World Hyper Tension Day promotes the importance of early detection of hyper tension and its treatment. 

This year’s theme on World Hyper Tension Day is ” Healthy Heart Beat- Healthy Blood Pressure”. While monitoring blood pressure, the heart beat too can be monitored. The irregular heart beat is often connected with BP. Atrial Fibrillation is the irregular heart beat and it increase as the patient gets older. In a patient with Atrial Fibrillation the heart is pumping irregularly and fast, this may  form clots; that is the cause of strokes. It can be at a younger age when you are so active in life; but if it is  detected and controlled; those with Atrial Fibrillation too can  lead a normal life.

Junk food is one of the main factors raising the blood pressure; normally, most of it are salty. Avoid junk food and hotel food. Control the use to salt, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. People with Atrial Fibrillation and Blood Pressure can do slight exercise like walking and gardening. Stop smoking and limit the use of alcohol. Consult your physician regularly to have medication for blood pressure, with that it can be controlled. Monitor the blood pressure regularly and notice the variation.

Hyper Tension is the disease of the modern generation. Tight scheduled work, tension, salty food, use of alcohol and tobacco, and no exercise; we are inviting hyper tension and heart disease. Check the blood pressure today itself to save yourself from the modern epidemic.








International Day of Families

Family, the word gives me strength; a strong and passionate bonding is there. It is the place where you can love and be loved, you can sooth and be soothed, you can care and be cared. Thank God for being brought up in a family that is bonded only with love. Really, it gives me the strength and courage to move forward or to  face the challenges in the present life.

UN celebrates May 15 as the International Day of Families. It has started to observe this special day from 1994. This year’s theme is Advancing social integration and Inter generational solidarity. Very interesting theme to follow, as it is relevant in the present world. The way of socializing is a challenge for the new generation; all are living in the mechanical world. We have all the amenities at our command. Mobile phone, television and computer are consuming the time of most of us. Whenever we get free time, everybody likes to be engaged either in phone or in computer. Our socializing ends with social net working sites. It is good to have connection with so many people from all around the world; but do not forget the people living nearby us. Somebody in the neighborhood  may need your help and support. You may be willing to help, but you are not seeing the neighbor, as the world is busy with so many communication methods. What to say!, even family members forget to help each other, you are the  most needed by your family members, by your loved ones, and by your friends. The skill of socializing should be learnt first from the family, share all you have with your family members; talk with them, discuss with them, then we have started to socialize. Such a generation will be sympathetic with his fellow beings.

Generation Gap, it is the word that most of us may use to explain the quarrels with parents and children. There is generation gap, each generation is blessed with new comforts, but they have to face new challenges too. If there is a strong bond with love and affection, the generation gap will disappear. Think with the children, try to understand their concepts and ideas. Congratulate them for their right decisions then we could correct them when they get wrong. Prompt them to take responsibility, be with them when they need you.

We need strong families to have strong community and to have strong nations then we can have a confident new generation.


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Happy Mother's Day with Rosa Indica It is almost one week that I have written a post in my blog.  Today also I am not comfortable enough to sit straight and make one. But I think, I have really missed the Mother’s day. That is why I am here to write one to remember the love, care and affection of a mother that we all love to have and fortunately that I am having.

I am on rest due to severe back pain, which forced me to stay in bed. The past one week was terrible with pain that restricted me from every action. Breathing too was difficult. During that days I was enjoying my mother’s support, love and care. She was there always to give me whatever I needed; made food for me, washed my clothes,looked after my child, and  made all arrangements for me. She had to act in many roles as mother, care taker, grand mother and she was the all in all in our home. Even though she is above 60 years with so many heath problems, she was ready to do all the services without any complaints. Really, the love of our mother remembers us the value of the word ” Mother”. She  is the person that all love to have; or all love to own.

A child needs the love, care and affection of its mother for the all round development. She can pacify the kid from its sorrows, she can support him as a friend, she can protect him  and she can control him. A child finds security in his mother’s hands. When he grows older, that love and protection will definitely guide him. Motherly love can control a child, when the child commits a mistake he may remember the love of his mother. That love is like a lamp which guides  us.  We can quarrel with her, make complaints and share our dreams and thoughts. 

We should love our mothers and should respect them. A wish on her birthday and a visit with a gift can do wonders. Many mothers are experiencing loneliness during their old age. It is the time when they need the support of their children. Embrace her, kiss her when we visit her. Express the love that we have received from her.  Mother is our first teacher, guide and friend. She is the gift God has given us to be in the world. So love her, love is the only reward that we can give her in return.