World Asthma Day Asthma is one of the chronic inflammatory disease that a number of people might have experienced. It affects the air ways that carry air to and fro from the lungs. Millions of people are suffering from chronic asthma that obstructs the daily free life. Some are experiencing asthma due to over exposure to the polluted atmosphere. Any way, the difficulty in breathing is terrible, those who have experienced once in the life time won’t forget it. If so, what would be the condition of children and other severe asthma patients. It may be another disaster that we have to face due to the pollution that we face all around us from everywhere.

In an asthma patient the air ways become narrower and the patient starts coughing and it makes breathing difficult. Shortness of breath and wheezing are the visual symptoms of asthma. Some are having periodical attacks while some others are suffering due to daily attacks. Allergic asthma is occurring with cold and sneezing, it may not be regular and can be controllable. Even though it is incurable, it can be controlled with the use of inhalers. Mild asthma is common and it can be controlled or patient may get comfort after a short period of rest. But, severe symptoms should be recognized and treated as it becomes serious when it worsens. Regular use of inhalers may relieve the symptoms; but certainly it has severe side- effects. It may affect the bone density; patient may get fat; tiredness and fatigue are the commonly seen side- effects.

Shortness of breath is terrible; if the sufferer is a child it is more terrible; genetic asthma should be detected earlier and controlled more effectively. Allergic asthma can be controlled by avoiding the things that make allergies. But pollution, for rescuing our kids from this chronic illness, pollution should be controlled. Each and every person should take initiative to minimize the pollution. Lots of campaigns are conducted to make people aware of the pollution; some steps are taken to minimize pollution. But those are not effective, for that children should get awareness from school level;  if they are practiced from childhood we may be able to minimize pollution slowly. Every person has the right to lead a normal life, but asthma due to pollution is an obstacle.

The only way to prevent asthma is to diagnose the symptoms and start the treatment with regular planning. It is advisable to use the inhalers only under the guidance of a doctor. Recently, I have met a girl of 13 years, who is using inhalers from the age of 8. After taking the regular puff in the morning she could play and run; but immediately she starts panting and takes rest. At a younger age she suffers from pain in knees and joints. It is very difficult for her to get up in the morning as energetic as a normal kid starts his day. What will be her condition when she gets 20 years? She is the victim of over usage of inhaler; it should be controlled with the help of a doctor. This year’s World Asthma Day falls on next Tuesday, let us stand together to control the disease. 


One thought on “ASTHMA

  1. I have asthma and so does my child. I know how hard it is especially when one is under attack of asthma. Good thing, my doctor advised not to be dependent on inhalers, that’s what I did too to my child.

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