Ghee Roast ( Dosa)

Hi all,

It is time to share something easy to cook. We have already made Idli; and with the same dough we can make Dosa (Ghee Roast)

Ghee Roast

For making Dosa, we have to loosen the dough a little bit. At the time of grinding we can add a bit more water to make it a fine dough. Put the Dosa pan on the stove. Apply a little bit oil and pour one thava(big spoon) dough and spread evenly. Cover it with a lid and wait for 2 minutes. When it becomes cooked; apply a tea spoon ghee and spread it evenly. Then fold  it as shown in the picture and serve it with chutney or Sambar. Children will surely like it and it is both delicious and nutritious.

Tip: Do not turn over the dosa. Cook it as you have spread it and cover for better cooking.


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