I am not going for a controversy, I am not going to write anything about incarnations either. Recently, I happened to hear some people who consider themselves as super-human, or who assumes themselves of having some super power. They may produce something from the air. They may show some miracles, or they may vanish and appear all on a sudden. We may see lots of devotees with them, we may wonder about the followers that they have.

Some of them are doing charities, some of them have hospitals, schools, or other charitable organizations. They may be preaching about love, kindness, mercy and service. Some are doing philanthropic activities and some do services to the man kind. But are they real gods

I don’t think so. It is true that, they are philanthropists and they are admired and respected. But, I believe in only one God; that is on the unseen power that guides us and protects us. There is the power that revolves our earth. the power that gives us both sorrows and happiness, there is the power that consoles us and shields us from dangers. It is the God; not the super power. A true believer can be a philanthropist, he can serve the community, he can love the world and the society, he can live peacefully without the embrace of the human gods.

My son happened to see a photo of one human being who is worshiped by a lot, that person’s followers, adorn his/ her path with flowers and lighten the lamps under his/ her feet. He asked me, mother, how could a human being bless other human beings like gods do? What is his/ her power? I told him, if we should have firm belief on God, we won’t need such human gods, we should find solace only in God;we don’t want to follow these human gods.

They should be respected for their philanthropy, but not worshiped. They are only human beings like each one of us, they may have more knowledge, for that they should be admired, but not worshiped.



Blessed Virgin Mary

Yesterday, September 8 was the birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary. There is no remark on the Scriptures about the birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary, but Catholics celebrate September 8 as the nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary. Mostly the feast of Saints are celebrated on the date of their death, but Virgin Mary is born without sin, so the birthday also is celebrated. Many Catholics are on lent from September 1 to 7, they go to Church, say Rosary and spend the time on prayer and repentance. There is a strong belief that, Mary will stand as the mediator for our prayers.

Born to the parents, Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, Mary spent her time in prayers and services. When the Angel Gabriel visited her with the news of becoming the mother of the Son of God, she was firm and courageous. Even though, her marriage was fixed with Joseph, she was not worried and never questioned. She surrendered her will to the Will of God, Gabriel had promised that, “God is with you” and Mary was strong all through her life that she believed that “God is with me”, never hesitated, never doubted and never complained, she was always there behind her son, the Lord Jesus.

For the birth of God’s son, she had to travel a lot and she got only the cow-shed, no help from anybody, only the care of her husband. But, she never questioned, why God’s son is born in a cow-shed, she understood that, it is the will of God. Again, both Joseph and Mary had to flee to save Infant Jesus from the attack of Herod. When she lost Jesus at the age of 12 in a church, she never doubted that ‘ is this really God’s son’. She kept silence all the time and spent her time in prayer.

As a mother, she was never possessive to keep her dear son with her. When Jesus was on His mission, she was never worried about His security and she was never anxious. At last Mary had to witness the death of her innocent son on cross. Then also she never thought that, why God’s son had to meet such a pathetic death’, why he could not escape from the cross?’ She believed in the word of God or she believed in what the Angel Gabriel had said, ” God is with You”. She was full of Grace, so she could tolerate all these. She was selected by God to lead the way for the people. Her life is her way, that is Surrendering her will to the Will of God. So God rewarded her, her son was resurrected, she is now respected as the Mother of the Whole World. 

Let us pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary to save us, to save our kids, to save the world. She will be there with us with the blessings of God.




Striving to Enter  the Narrow Door [ Luke 13: 22-35]

Recently, I happened to come across Jesus’ preaching on Heaven; He explains who will be possessing Heaven on the Last Judgement, and what are the qualifications for entering heaven. On the above mentioned phrase, it is clear, who are the virtuous that reach heaven.

On his way to Jerusalem, someone asked him, “Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?” Jesus replied, “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to”. If so, who will be saved? First, I assessed myself, it seemed, I am leading a virtuous life, helping others, by arms giving and consoling. Wish the good of others, not at all jealous on other’s well-being. Doing the duties without complaints, etc, it is like the normal life of many. But, is it enough for the Heaven? Is this the narrow door, that Jesus had mentioned?

In the eyes of our fellow beings, we may be genuine, judicious, and virtuous. We may be like the people, “who are trying to enter but will not be able to”, because, that is not entering through the narrow door. We may be searching for more wide one, for it is very difficult to enter through the narrow door which Jesus had mentioned. 

For entering through the narrow door, we have to renounce the comforts, wealth and luxuries that we are enjoying. Like, St. Francis of Assisi, we should go for serving the community, our fellow citizens who suffer because of poverty, ill-health and ill-literacy. We should wipe the tears of those, who carve for love, affection, support, comfort and solace. We should open our eyes to see the sufferings of the poor and the down trodden, we should open our ears to hear the sorrows of our brothers and we should stretch out our hands to serve the sick, old and the unwanted. If so, we will be thin enough to enter through a narrow door on the Last Judgement. 



Happy Birthday

Birthdays are special days for us all. Love to celebrate the birthdays of us and our dear ones. Most like to have new clothes, a cake for cutting together with our family members and an outing with our dear ones. The birthday cards and gifts are kept dearly, these are the symbols of somebody’s love towards you. The relevance of that special day ends with all these. 


Usually, first birthdays have grand celebrations, though the child is unaware of the relevance of that day. Parents are enjoying their one year of parenthood. Birthdays that completes 70 years, 80 years 90 years and centenary are interesting to be celebrated; as they have to be respected because they are senior citizens with lots of experiences.

Recently, I have celebrated my birthday; actually, there was no celebrations, just wishing from our dear ones, cutting a cake and that is all. This made me to think about the relevance of birthday celebrations. Each birthday is important for that person, as he/ she is completing one more year in this world. For each of us, it is the special day for thanks giving to the Almighty, for blessing with the virtues. In the middle of so many troubles God has guided us to complete one more year in our life. 

Birthday wishes are like presents; we are remembered on our special day, it is a pleasure to hear a wish from those who love you.  Each birthday should be a day for retreat, a day for looking back to find the mistakes you have committed and to rectify it. If so, your next year will be more fruitful and more virtuous. While celebrating birthdays, let us remember this too; what Voltaire has mentioned, “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well”.



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While thinking about what to write today, I bumped into this phrase, that too from an old collection of memories. ” Be good and do good”, it is very interesting to hear, but is it possible to practice it always?

This is the piece of advise, me and my sister got from our father, before we started the university studies. I thought, yah! a good advise, but during the studies it remained in oblivion. Never thought of the relevance. But now, I understand the value of being good and doing only good. I am also advising my son, to be good and do good.

Be good may be living fearlessly, telling and doing only the truth and justice, facing the challenges courageously without surrendering to injustice. It is like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:
I shall not fear anyone on Earth.
I shall fear only God.
I shall not bear ill will toward anyone.
I shall not submit to injustice from anyone.
I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.” It remembers me one more thing, that is, the end never justifies the means.

If so, be good may mean, fear only the God, love your fellow beings and all creatures, do justice to all and tell only the truth. While practicing all these, we are doing good. Those who are good in mind and thoughts will do only good. A good and genuine person can do only good. Such a person is the real human being with virtues.


Failure and Success

Failure, it is the word that frightens us, it is the word that pulls us back and it is the word we hear while commencing a new program.

Students are worried about failures, from exams, from experiments and from competitions. Youths are fearing failures while searching for jobs or while attending an interview. Elders may be hesitant to take challenge because of the fear of failure and thus all are feared of failures except little kids and those who are strong-willed and courageous.

Failure is the real problem when we want to do something courageously. While attending an exam, usually we may think, what will we do if we do not come out successfully. Teachers and parents tell ” failure is the stepping stone to success” . We should learn from the failures and should correct our ways before doing it again. It is fine, but do these advise bring confidence and do these are enough for success? Definitely no.

For being successful, the term failure itself should be avoided. Never think of it, only think about the success and try hard. I have a cousin, oh! what a pessimist he is! I do not like to share any ideas and plans with him. Because when I tell him, I am going to do this or that, his spontaneous response is, what will you do, if it does not turn out successfully. Such kind of person will definitely perish your confidence. You may become doubtful and hesitant.

Before starting a program or before attending an exam, first entrust all with God, try hard, search the pros and cons, correct the mistakes that you have committed earlier, pacify yourself and do what you feel at that time. You will be guided properly and you will be successful. There you can feel the courage and confidence. Be an optimist in each step.

Remember what Paulo Coelho said in “The Alchemist”, ” There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”



Retreat and Reconnect

For the last four days I was participating in a spiritual retreat.  It was really a valuable period spent for prayer, meditation and study. Many religious communities have different kinds of retreats. It has become an integral part for different religious communities.

For Christians Spiritual Retreats was established by St. Ignatius Loyola. In earlier days it was a spiritual exercise used for reconciliation through meditation. Today, there is one day retreat and a retreat for several days. People, renounce their day-to-day activities to be with God under the guidance of a priest who is well-studied in theology and the sermons.  They spend the time, hearing talks that may guide in the later life,and in prayers and mediation. Confessions can be done, there we may get the assistance of studied counselors, who can comfort and calm  us. Really, a true reunion is done, we are coming out as a rejuvenated new person. The next challenge may be, how we continue to live in that spirituality.  

I got the chance to hear a number of valuable speeches, that focused mainly on family, growth of children,and  importance of prayer. There was a day for confession and one hour adoration in which we could immerse fully in prayers. We are told that, family should be bonded in  love, affection and care. Most family problems are aroused because of the lack of true and sincere love. Sacrifice, care and service are the important factors on which the family should be built up. Use of alcohol and drug destroy the harmonious family atmosphere. The new generation may be facing the challenge of being workaholic or being a computer addict. We may be giving more importance to the work and money; or we may be spending our leisure time with computer. Communication is the only solution for true bonding in the family. Partners should hear and talk with each other; we should hear the ideas, complaints and suggestions of our kids. Praying together is the other method of being together. A family that prays together stays together.