Tensions of Order and Freedom: Catholic Political Thought

Tension or stress are the two words that most people use today. Elders (both men and women) are tensed because of problems in work; or because of the stress given by the employer.  Parents are tensed as they are anxious about the studies, lives and future of their kids. Youths are stressed because of so many problems from colleagues, employers and even from their better halves. Not only that, young school going children are tensed for they want, or they are compelled to gain first ranks. Thank God! Little kids are excepted from these tensions!!!!!!! 

I am quite surprised to hear these words, tensions and stress from almost all I meet. Why so much tensions? The tension starts at the time one gets up in the morning, it is with him all through the day, as a challenge and a day’s tension ends when he goes to sleep. It is ruining the peaceful and comfortable atmosphere of each family. Think of a father with a stressed face, and a mother with a pale and depressed attitude! What will be the life of the children, they are the most affected. Slowly, they too feel tensed as it is the custom.

What should be changed?  As we have heard earlier, a well begun is half done, the day should be started with some meditation. Those who believe in God can entrust all the duties of that day with the Almighty. Surely, we can experience a peace and comfort. Next is the systematic doings. Each activity should have a particular time. I am not mentioning about a time table, but we must be punctual, do justice to the time, it is running fast. Hold a pleasant smiling face while you meet your employer, boss, colleagues and every body. Have a nutritious food and enough water for the health of the body. Try the most to not to get angry; if you get anger, the words coming from you may hurt others, and that will spoil the healthy and comfortable relationships. At home, find time to spend with the children, just an applause or pat is like getting heaven for the kids. Talk and share anything with your dear ones, it will reduce the stress and tensionsSee how easily you have completed a day without  tensionsSMILE AND BE PLEASANT WITH EVERYBODY.


Poverty : the Sin to be Eradicated.

Living in Poverty in Africa


The world as a whole is keenly following the news on economic crisis and  the threat of another depression. All countries are implementing some projects to promote the economic growth. For that, some financial disciplines are strictly implemented and the prices of oil, fuel, food grains and other essential commodities are increased. In the midst some facts are forgotten; that is, the facts about the poor people: people who are below poverty line.

Actually, what does  this below poverty line mean? For the authority, it is those who are not able to meet their both ends, or their will be some criteria to decide that line. But the fact this that, 80% of people live on less than $10 per day. How Pathetic. Can you imagine how a human being could live on that? More than half of the population suffer of poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die of malnutrition on each day.

In some countries, that is in main developed countries, most people enjoy job security and the government is also well occupied to support the needs of its citizens. But in the developing and under- developed countries the situation is quite different. The power, money and the comforts are enjoyed by a small population. Some are having the most comfortable life, with all the luxurious amenities, while some others are enjoying a decent life- style. But, the major population suffer a lot. Most of them find their livelihood by farming. If the weather cheats, all end in ruin. They won’t be able to get nutritious food; or they are inefficient to provide their children with proper education and better living atmosphere. As a result they are vulnerable to severe diseases. Each government policy is directed to improve the country’s economic growth. In that the poor people are forgotten. They are the direct victims of such policies; when the prices are increased, they have nothing to do. Their children are the  most affected.

What is the benefit of such policies, that only increase the difference between the haves and the have -nots. Our policies should be directed to improve the living conditions of the poor people . Poverty is to be eradicated, each child has a right to have a comfortable life, it is their right to get good education and good food. While installing programs to promote the country, attention should be taken to promote the have-nots first. If there is poverty, whatever we have attained will be futile. The individual rights are equal for all, money should not be a barrier.




Climate Changes


Warning Climate Change Industrial Co2 Sign

All over the world now encounters with drastic changes in the climate. Some areas are experiencing sever drought; some others are experiencing torrential rain with storms and flash floods. Again some are the victims of extreme cold climate. Why these changes are occurring and why we are witnessing such extreme weather conditions?

In earlier days, each climate occurred according to the seasons. Each weather has its own time. When there was rain, there was enough of it, and so people could preserve water for the coming hot summer. During Spring people could cultivate and during  Summer people could  harvest  what they needed. So they were able to preserve food and essential commodities for the winter season also. The life was so happy as the weather conditions were some how predictable.


But now, it is not at all predictable. Meteorologist are forecasting the weather and we have sent satellite for the correct predictions, but all are not effective. People can’t depend on their predictions as the things are not happening according to it.  Countries like India does not getting sufficient rain for the past two or three years, because of that crops are not properly grown; the farmers are experiencing severe crisis and it is growing as a threat to the economy also. Some other countries experience incessant rains and that too threaten the growth of crops.

I think, we human beings are the real culprits. We are exploiting the earth without giving anything back to preserve it. Soil erosion, Sand mining, Deforestation, Mismanagement of wastes, especially plastic wastes are the  main reasons behind these drastic climatic changes. The time is running; we have to take care of our earth. Actions should be taken to preserve our mother earth before we witness severest calamities. All are keen on economical and educational development; it is good, but we should not forget our Mother Earth. 

A Daughter- in- law.


Daughter in Law Gift Necklace

I am now with a different topic; it is relevant too. That is, about the relationship between women and their in- laws.

In most countries, at the time of marriage, the boy’s household expects something as a share from the parents of the girl. In some countries, household violence and mental torturing are occurring as a result of the dowry; the sweet name for this share.

A girl gets into the house of her husband ( even if it is an arranged marriage or  a love marriage), with lots of dreams and expectations. Most girls dream of leading a happy married life, with her husband and in- laws and of having kids and the like. She might have got advises from her mother too, about how to treat the in- laws.  While entering into the new life, she would think, I would love my in- laws just I love my parents, and would treat them with respect and affection. But, for that, one more thing is necessary; that is, the behavior of the in- laws; how they consider their son’s wife. In some houses, the girls are very lucky to have very loving in- laws, who consider their son’s wife as their own daughter.

But in many the daughter-in- law is attacked with words and looks and even with brutal torturing. Educated and aristocrat families are  not excepted. The bride is not allowed to talk to her parents privately; she might have a lot to tell; but she is not allowed. The in -laws will peep from each corner to hear it. For meeting the household needs, without any shame they will ask for her sovereigns. If she is not ready to give it, there they start the mental torturing. The husband will silently participate in it. He may behave as if he has nothing  to do. Working and earning women too have a lot to suffer. They need to look after the kids, the household duties and then the work. Nobody is willing to share her burden. Who is there to stand with her? Of course, there is lots of laws to prosecute the tortures, but most women silently tolerate all; for their kids and for the sake of other family members. Will the women ever escape from such burdens?. They will surely tolerate for their kids, it is their happiness, but she wishes  a care, a pat on the shoulder. After marriage, she is considered as a servant for doing all the household duties. She must bring money and she must sacrifice all she has and after that she must tolerate all the sufferings. Where is the justice?

It should be changed, woman should attain equal power and respect at families. It is not only the law that is to be changed, the attitude of each person should be changed. Hope for the better tomorrow.

Violence and Kids

amazon Smart Boy's

Recently, we all have seen the pathetic pictures of Balachandran ( son of Prabhakaran, former leader of LTTE). It was so pathetic to see the dead photos of a 12 year old boy. Had he dreams of reaching adolescence? Had he ambitions of getting into good studies or reaching at the heights? Who knows it all? Just like, all kids, he too might have dreams!! But 5 bullets ended all his dreams. He was seen unafraid, eating something, without knowing that the death is near.

I am not going to talk about the terrorist, terrorism or anything like that. Think of just one thing, What is the justice behind killing small kids for attaining success over some cause? We all agree that, children are God’s gifts, they are the rulers of next world, they have to be brought up and guided properly. All are true. But, while bringing up our own kids, we should think about the children who suffer a lot for many reasons. 

On each fight and terrorist attacks, small children are unknowingly falling victims. They do not know the reason behind each attack, they are brutally killed. See, How the next generation is destroyed, for the cause of some greedy elders.  Each one should think seriously about rescuing the new generation. Parents, teachers and good religious leaders can do wonders in guiding them properly. We should generate methods to stop children from being victims of some brain washing. 

It is their right to live happily without any obstruction to their individuality. We all have the responsibility to provide them that. Let us, all together try to build a strong willed new generation.

Strikes and Protests


Peaceful protests

Is strikes a method to solve our grievances? We are witnessing strikes for several reasons almost on all days. Do all end in successfully resolving the issues?  Let us have a look.

Struggles and strikes are for putting forward our needs and grievances in-front  of the authorities. But all strikes are not necessary and genuine. Some genuine strikes may fall and end up in vain. So, what is wrong, the method or the mind of the authority.

Some strikes and fights are for the well being of the mass. For inviting the attention of the government and authority on some grave issues. In such cases, strikes are necessary to gain the support of the people and by that, the authority will definitely look into the issues and will solve it. But some strikes are just to satisfy the needs of the leaders. They merely need to show off their power by scaring the people. The leaders are pretending that, they have some power and they can scare even the authority and thus they are compelling the people to stay in their homes.

While announcing a strike, the freedom of the locals should not be obstructed. Each individual has his own rights and his own freedom. Such individual freedom should not be obstructed.  We have the right  to reveal our views and we have the right to oppose the authority if they are in the wrong way. But, it should be in such a way that, the method should not obstruct the freedom of the people. Their freedom of travel and freedom of entertainments should not be banned. If it is like that, the cause of the strike will gain the mass attention and the authority will be compelled to consider the issues. There we will get the solution.

Otherwise, the strikes and fights are misusing the country and its citizens. Each one is paying the tax and each tax payer has his own rights.  We all should be patriots, and a patriot should not stand against the growth of his country as each strike reverses the growth of the country.

Family Day

Dream Day True Love


We all love to be in the security of our loved ones, to be in the circle of our beloveds. While thinking about such an occasion I happened to ponder on the family day. For most, it is on second or third Monday of February.  Another day for celebration; is it like that?

No, never, it should not be like that. Family is the place where, we can shed our woes, sorrows, anxiety and all. Not only that we are sharing our happiness, achievements and the like. We are getting inspiration, praises etc. What a peaceful experience to be in the midst of our beloved ones! I love to share; my views, ideas and everything, even if it is foolishness; in my family circle. At the time of our education, our parents waited for us to hear the words from us,  and we shared the happenings of a day. No lies, and no secrets there. How peaceful it was, all our doings were with the knowledge and  permission of our parents. So, we did not have anything to worry about, we knew that, there is our dear ones with us whatever be the situation.

Now also, many families follow the sharing, and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. I am also keen to give that freedom and security to my kid. I think, most of the crimes are happening because of the lack of sharing. Majority did not have a quiet support to listen and pacify. All are after their jobs and for financial security. Of course, it is essential to have a peaceful family life, but most important is the strongly  bind family. If there, is love and a strong knitted relationship between the parents and kids, all the other will follow it.  Children will definitely obey and respect  their parents and elders and we can be proud that, we are bringing up a new, strong willed and responsible generation. That is the world now needs the most.