Rose garden

We all like to have some pastime activities. It varies according to the interest of each person; like gardening, reading, cooking, surfing through internet, music, stamp or coin collections etc. It is really good as an entertainment and as an engagement. Not only that, it enhances our knowledge also. Definitely, we will go through our interested areas and will have done a thorough study. Kids too can have some hobbies to entertain them or to engage them during vacation. It will improve their knowledge and they will learn certain lessons like, collecting, securing, sharing and the like. For, making the vacation lively, hobbies are the best way.

Young kids can do anything they like, if they get the support of their parents. Gardening is an example, elders can allow kid’s participation in the household gardening.  Help them to plant a seed or some flowering plants like different colored roses and lilies. Show them how to water it and help them to fertilize it. It will help them to know the earth and they are learning how the plants are grown; they will become curious to know the different kinds of plants and its benefits.

Music is another one; but it is advisable for kids who are interested in music. They can learn any musical instrument and the early ages are good for grasping the musical knots. Similarly, kids, who show interest in drawing can be helped to learn it. 

Reading interest can also be improved with the help of elders. Give them big books that contain pictures and small stories printed in big letters. Kids can follow big letters and they will love to read a story. Slowly, they will become interested in wide reading and that will have depth also. Next comes, stamp and coin collection; in that too kids need the help of elders. Help them to collect as much as special stamps and coins and show them how can it be arranged. They are getting first hand knowledge on different countries and its histories. Slowly, they will be attracted to study more and more about it.

Hobbies are the best way to engage a child during his/ her vacation. By that, they are utilizing their time efficiently and parents and elders can engage them for a long time.


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