World No Tobacco Day

WHO observes May 31st as the World No Tobacco Day. The aim is to keep people away from the use of tobacco. It is observed every year and this year it aims to ban tobacco advertising promotion and sponsorship. The use of tobacco can cause deadly diseases like, cancer, stroke, heart and lungs problems like heart attacks and emphysema. This will affect the life of the people who live with the smokers. Smokers and passive smokers both are affected; it may be the wife, husband, parents or children who are falling as victims.

It is observed public-ally, both governmental and non- governmental organizations conduct meetings, rally, educational programs, campaigns and banners to encourage people to stop smoking. Tobacco is produced from nicotine leaves. By 16 th century the use of tobacco became popular; now it is used in different forms like, cigarettes, pipes, hand-rolling tobacco, chewing tobacco and  creamy snuff. Along with the use of tobacco, many illness like heart attacks, cancer, stroke and pulmonary diseases began to affect the normal life. 

Almost all countries  and  governmental organizations are trying to make people aware of the adverse effect of tobacco; stop smoking campaigns are done, even the cigarette packet has the statutory warning. But, only with those warnings smokers won’t stop smoking. It is seen that, how the lungs will be looked; after the  consumption of tobacco. Some might have stopped smoking, but they might have chosen other alternative like, chewing.

If there is a smoker in your family, the whole family is at risk. We have to rescue our new generation, our kids. The easy availability of tobacco is to be restricted. Strict banning of cigarettes, and chewing gums are necessary. Laws should be established to punish public smoking. Film and sports stars are the role models of our kids; so they should abstain from public smoking and advertisements that promote cigarettes and chewing gums.

While observing this years no tobacco day, quit smoking; you are saving yourself and your loved ones. 


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