International Day of Families

Family, the word gives me strength; a strong and passionate bonding is there. It is the place where you can love and be loved, you can sooth and be soothed, you can care and be cared. Thank God for being brought up in a family that is bonded only with love. Really, it gives me the strength and courage to move forward or to  face the challenges in the present life.

UN celebrates May 15 as the International Day of Families. It has started to observe this special day from 1994. This year’s theme is Advancing social integration and Inter generational solidarity. Very interesting theme to follow, as it is relevant in the present world. The way of socializing is a challenge for the new generation; all are living in the mechanical world. We have all the amenities at our command. Mobile phone, television and computer are consuming the time of most of us. Whenever we get free time, everybody likes to be engaged either in phone or in computer. Our socializing ends with social net working sites. It is good to have connection with so many people from all around the world; but do not forget the people living nearby us. Somebody in the neighborhood  may need your help and support. You may be willing to help, but you are not seeing the neighbor, as the world is busy with so many communication methods. What to say!, even family members forget to help each other, you are the  most needed by your family members, by your loved ones, and by your friends. The skill of socializing should be learnt first from the family, share all you have with your family members; talk with them, discuss with them, then we have started to socialize. Such a generation will be sympathetic with his fellow beings.

Generation Gap, it is the word that most of us may use to explain the quarrels with parents and children. There is generation gap, each generation is blessed with new comforts, but they have to face new challenges too. If there is a strong bond with love and affection, the generation gap will disappear. Think with the children, try to understand their concepts and ideas. Congratulate them for their right decisions then we could correct them when they get wrong. Prompt them to take responsibility, be with them when they need you.

We need strong families to have strong community and to have strong nations then we can have a confident new generation.


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