I am not going for a controversy, I am not going to write anything about incarnations either. Recently, I happened to hear some people who consider themselves as super-human, or who assumes themselves of having some super power. They may produce something from the air. They may show some miracles, or they may vanish and appear all on a sudden. We may see lots of devotees with them, we may wonder about the followers that they have.

Some of them are doing charities, some of them have hospitals, schools, or other charitable organizations. They may be preaching about love, kindness, mercy and service. Some are doing philanthropic activities and some do services to the man kind. But are they real gods

I don’t think so. It is true that, they are philanthropists and they are admired and respected. But, I believe in only one God; that is on the unseen power that guides us and protects us. There is the power that revolves our earth. the power that gives us both sorrows and happiness, there is the power that consoles us and shields us from dangers. It is the God; not the super power. A true believer can be a philanthropist, he can serve the community, he can love the world and the society, he can live peacefully without the embrace of the human gods.

My son happened to see a photo of one human being who is worshiped by a lot, that person’s followers, adorn his/ her path with flowers and lighten the lamps under his/ her feet. He asked me, mother, how could a human being bless other human beings like gods do? What is his/ her power? I told him, if we should have firm belief on God, we won’t need such human gods, we should find solace only in God;we don’t want to follow these human gods.

They should be respected for their philanthropy, but not worshiped. They are only human beings like each one of us, they may have more knowledge, for that they should be admired, but not worshiped.




Retreat and Reconnect

For the last four days I was participating in a spiritual retreat.  It was really a valuable period spent for prayer, meditation and study. Many religious communities have different kinds of retreats. It has become an integral part for different religious communities.

For Christians Spiritual Retreats was established by St. Ignatius Loyola. In earlier days it was a spiritual exercise used for reconciliation through meditation. Today, there is one day retreat and a retreat for several days. People, renounce their day-to-day activities to be with God under the guidance of a priest who is well-studied in theology and the sermons.  They spend the time, hearing talks that may guide in the later life,and in prayers and mediation. Confessions can be done, there we may get the assistance of studied counselors, who can comfort and calm  us. Really, a true reunion is done, we are coming out as a rejuvenated new person. The next challenge may be, how we continue to live in that spirituality.  

I got the chance to hear a number of valuable speeches, that focused mainly on family, growth of children,and  importance of prayer. There was a day for confession and one hour adoration in which we could immerse fully in prayers. We are told that, family should be bonded in  love, affection and care. Most family problems are aroused because of the lack of true and sincere love. Sacrifice, care and service are the important factors on which the family should be built up. Use of alcohol and drug destroy the harmonious family atmosphere. The new generation may be facing the challenge of being workaholic or being a computer addict. We may be giving more importance to the work and money; or we may be spending our leisure time with computer. Communication is the only solution for true bonding in the family. Partners should hear and talk with each other; we should hear the ideas, complaints and suggestions of our kids. Praying together is the other method of being together. A family that prays together stays together.



Leonardo DaVinci-The Last Supper


World around the Christians today, remember, experience and proclaim the value of love through service and obedience. It is the remembrance of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with his disciples.

Maundy Thursday teaches the vital principles of life, that are, love, service and forgiveness. Jesus has shown these qualities with his life. He loved his disciples, he was with them when they are in danger, he cared and protected them. In the Last Supper, he washed and kissed the legs of his disciples, to show his love and affection towards them. He was trying to teach them the primary lessons that, service should be with love. Most of us are ready to do anything to our beloved ones, but we expect a return act as gratitude. But, Jesus has shown us that, our services should not request anything in return. It should be genuine and sincere, simply out of love. That is the real way of love.  One who can serve with love, surely won’t get tired of doing it, he can find an enthusiasm and celestial happiness in his service.

The leader should be like a servant, that is the message Jesus conveyed through his action. He should be ready to do, tolerate and accept anything for his followers. Such a leader will earn respect and admiration from all.

Forgiveness is the virtue that we all must practice. Where there is forgiveness, there won’t be quarrels.  Jesus forgave the sins of many in his life, especially, that of Judas the betrayer. The real leader with love only can forgive and forget the mistakes that he had experienced. If we are able to forgive and forget the simple mistakes from our dear friends and relatives, there won’t be any quarrel. How peaceful will it be!

The real follower of Jesus should, love all unconditionally, respect each individual, be ready to do any service to anybody, be ready to forgive and forget. 


Statue of St.Joseph

Today, 19th March is the feast day of St. Joseph. Roman Catholics commemorate the life of St. Joseph today.  He is the step father of Jesus and husband of Holy Mary. These are the facts all know about St. Joseph. I am going to share some special thoughts on St. Joseph.

Very few references are there in the  Holy Bible about the husband of Mary and the step father of Jesus.  Before marriage with Mary, Joseph came to know that his would be was pregnant. Being genuine in his feelings, he thought to abandon that marriage secretly, as he did not want to accuse Mary for that. During that time, the punishment for a woman, getting pregnant out of marriage, was very severe. Because of his strong faith, he was guided by the angel to accept Mary as his wife. Without any hesitation and doubt he accepted Mary as his wife. No more thoughts about the consequences. How bold he was! Sincerely, he made arrangements for the birth of Infant Jesus. After the birth of Jesus, he had to flee from Bethlehem to rescue Jesus from the hands of the cruel king  Herod.  When Jesus became 12 years old, he had to run along with Mary to search Jesus in the Jerusalem Church. He was the dedicated father who brought up Jesus with love, care and affection. He was the sincere husband of Mary who cared and respected his wife. That was a small and beautiful family which found the real  happiness in serving God.

The greatest quality of Joseph, that we see in the Bible is his willingness to surrender his will to the Will of the Almighty. All through his life, he was ready to accept whatever God had given him. As an ordinary man who was working hard as a carpenter for his daily bread, he was humble and genuine in his heart.His strong beliefs directed and guided him always. He got revelations in his dreams.  That beliefs might have guided him to trust Mary. We can’t see the sins like  accusations, complaints, anxiety and  greed in Joseph. He was so pure, humble and innocent in heart. The real follower of God.

Make a small comparison of Joseph with the new generation. Can anybody tolerate, if he happens to know about the illegal pregnancy of his would be?. Will anybody be willing to bring up that kid as his own?. Will anybody be anxious about that child? We will be irritated, uncomfortable, anxious and restless to any such news. We all are afraid of the society, what will the society think, that will be our only problem.

Yes, there is something divine in the attitude of St. Joseph. He is called for that renunciation. He is the person who deserves more respect and love. He, who has taught us the qualities of humility, boldness,  innocence, obedience to God and love to spouse, has shown us the way to follow him.  Let us  respect him as the role model and practice these qualities.