Vallarpadom ShrineWhat about going for a leisure cum pilgrimage trip. We have done such a one recently; that too to a National Pilgrim Centre.  That is to Vallarpadom ,we all are eagerly waiting to see the shrine of Vallarpadathamma, (Mother Mary). We can go through the Goshree Bridge above the  back waters. It is really amazing to cross the bridge smelling the sweet wind, there is no heavy traffic and we can reach at Vallarpadam, church, one of the ancient churches.

Vallarpadathamma and MeenakshiThe story behind Vallarpadam church is that, one Meenakshi and her child was rescued by the Vallarpadathamma when they drowned in the lake. As a symbol of gratitude, that Meenakshi lived the rest of her life by sweeping the surroundings of the church. There is a ritual of sweeping the surroundings, we can do that, by taking the broom placed nearby it. We can offer our prayers to the Vallarpadathamma, in a really calm and quiet atmosphere. The tower is really fascinating, we can take a Rs. 5 tickets for each to enter the tower by climbing the stairs, for the camera Rs, 15. Those who are not able to climb, there is the service of lift and for that the tariff is Rs.10 for each. On each stair,there is the painting of the important moments in Mother Mary’s life. In the middle of the tower, there is  a big statue of Mother Mary carrying

Goshree Bridge

Infant Jesus and Meenakshi and her child, below her.  At the top, we can see the beautiful lake, the Goshree bridge and the  terminal.  On the way back, we can see the Bolgatty palace, one of  the ancient heritages of Kerala.As for food and accomodations, there is luxurious as well as cheap hotels . Those who want to spend some days at Cochi, exploring its beauty can stay at Ernakulam.


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