Puzzles for kids

Do you know about puzzles, that makes the kids active for long?

Puzzles are excellent choice as a gift and as a toy.It is made on big cardboard pieces. We can give it to toddlers. It is important that, a toddler should  be given big ones, that contain 10 pieces. They can make caterpillars, butterflies, giraffes etc.

Help them to arrange it properly to make the exact shape. Pictures of wild animals or vehicles  are good for attracting toddlers. Hands and eye coordination of the kid is increased with these puzzles. Puzzles are all time good toy for young  ones. We can give more puzzles as they get older.

I had given my child the Micky-  mouse puzzle when he became 2 years, and it was of 30 pieces. By then, he could arrange it properly. It contained 4 sets of different pictures.First I myself arranged it and showed him how it was done. After several attempts he was able to arrange it and fix it. Now also he likes the puzzles, and he can now do 3 D puzzles.

Child’s grasping, reasoning and thinking abilities are enhanced with these puzzles.But be sure to avoid small puzzles that contain 200 or 300 pieces at a younger age. Big puzzles are good for small kids, and as they get older they will love to do the big pictures with small pieces. The cost is affordable and it is an exciting thing to keep the child engaged for long. Above all, their abilities are increased as it is educative also.


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