Retreat and Reconnect

For the last four days I was participating in a spiritual retreat.  It was really a valuable period spent for prayer, meditation and study. Many religious communities have different kinds of retreats. It has become an integral part for different religious communities.

For Christians Spiritual Retreats was established by St. Ignatius Loyola. In earlier days it was a spiritual exercise used for reconciliation through meditation. Today, there is one day retreat and a retreat for several days. People, renounce their day-to-day activities to be with God under the guidance of a priest who is well-studied in theology and the sermons.  They spend the time, hearing talks that may guide in the later life,and in prayers and mediation. Confessions can be done, there we may get the assistance of studied counselors, who can comfort and calm  us. Really, a true reunion is done, we are coming out as a rejuvenated new person. The next challenge may be, how we continue to live in that spirituality.  

I got the chance to hear a number of valuable speeches, that focused mainly on family, growth of children,and  importance of prayer. There was a day for confession and one hour adoration in which we could immerse fully in prayers. We are told that, family should be bonded in  love, affection and care. Most family problems are aroused because of the lack of true and sincere love. Sacrifice, care and service are the important factors on which the family should be built up. Use of alcohol and drug destroy the harmonious family atmosphere. The new generation may be facing the challenge of being workaholic or being a computer addict. We may be giving more importance to the work and money; or we may be spending our leisure time with computer. Communication is the only solution for true bonding in the family. Partners should hear and talk with each other; we should hear the ideas, complaints and suggestions of our kids. Praying together is the other method of being together. A family that prays together stays together.


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