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While passing through the adolescence, most of us might have heard  the advice, ” think twice before you speak or before you act”. It is the age of action; people may jump into an action without thinking the consequences or necessity. Active involvement, that is the only attitude.  It may affect us directly, or it may influence the life of our fellow beings, but there may be no chance of thinking before immersing into an action. That is the age of responding to anything.

But we should think twice before speaking a word. We may be commenting spontaneously, or may be expressing what we have felt. But some words may hurt the feelings of others. It is more painful to hurt with tongue than making wounds. The wounds can be healed, but the wounds formed by words cannot be healed. It may stay in the heart as a permanent scar. Definitely, it will affect the relationships. Anger is the real villain, we have to control our anger while talking, otherwise we may use hurting words. While talking, we should be careful to use only good and sophisticated words, that won’t hurt the feelings of others. We may be worried with so many matters, we may be irritated; even though, we have  to be in good manners. Our single word may sooth others, so our talks should be in such a way to calm and pacify others. Words are like sparks, a single hurting word is enough to arouse a quarrel, similarly, a single soothing word is enough to pacify an about to explode situation. 

While talking, our conscience should be like a sieve, separate the good from the bad before speaking out.  Then we will be able to use only good words and we may not hurt others, or we may not sin with our tongue. 



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