Hyper tension images


Every year May 17 is attributed to World Hyper Tension Day. It was started on 2005 and has become an annual event. It is the initiative of World Hyper Tension League; the purpose is to make people aware of the ‘silent killer’, that is Hyper Tension or High Blood Pressure. It is the medical condition in which the blood pressure is raised, many people have high blood pressure, but they are leading a life without knowing it. If not treated, it may damage the arteries and veins and that may lead to the death of the patient. All on a sudden he may fall unconscious because of heart attack or stroke which may lead to permanent disability. That is why it is called the Silent killer. Chronic hyper tension may damage the heart and kidneys, the World Hyper Tension Day promotes the importance of early detection of hyper tension and its treatment. 

This year’s theme on World Hyper Tension Day is ” Healthy Heart Beat- Healthy Blood Pressure”. While monitoring blood pressure, the heart beat too can be monitored. The irregular heart beat is often connected with BP. Atrial Fibrillation is the irregular heart beat and it increase as the patient gets older. In a patient with Atrial Fibrillation the heart is pumping irregularly and fast, this may  form clots; that is the cause of strokes. It can be at a younger age when you are so active in life; but if it is  detected and controlled; those with Atrial Fibrillation too can  lead a normal life.

Junk food is one of the main factors raising the blood pressure; normally, most of it are salty. Avoid junk food and hotel food. Control the use to salt, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. People with Atrial Fibrillation and Blood Pressure can do slight exercise like walking and gardening. Stop smoking and limit the use of alcohol. Consult your physician regularly to have medication for blood pressure, with that it can be controlled. Monitor the blood pressure regularly and notice the variation.

Hyper Tension is the disease of the modern generation. Tight scheduled work, tension, salty food, use of alcohol and tobacco, and no exercise; we are inviting hyper tension and heart disease. Check the blood pressure today itself to save yourself from the modern epidemic.







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