Building Blocks.

Next comes building blocks, that really suit the child’s interest.  Take care while selecting blocks for your kids. It should be big, as it is the age of swallowing anything. Children sense all they get by licking or swallowing it. So the blocks  should be big.

The second thing is the color, it should be in bright colors.  At six months, the child will start to sit, and he/ she can hold objects in his/ her tiny hands. They will like to play with the blocks. We can help them by arranging it properly and show him/ her the shapes that they could make with the blocks. You will get 30 and 40 pieces of blocks. Children will surely like the shapes, and slowly they will like to make the shapes by themselves.  Beginners can have jumbo blocks in red, blue, green and yellow colors. Let them arrange it in any way they like. Slowly they will start to make train, or stack it, putting one over the other.

40 pieces giant blocks and card board blocks are also available. Even though card board blocks are good, it is not suitable for little kids.  Wooden blocks are another choice. Most of it contains, alphabet encrypted in it. It is handy and show them the blocks and arrange it speaking about the alphabets. Let us go through different toys that we could select for our kids, in the coming blogs.


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