Computer and kids

MS paint work

Most of the parents worry about giving computer as a toy to children. Is it good or bad for kids? Today, let me share something about my views on computer and kids.

I think it is good to  a certain extent. If it is given under the guidance of an elder, it is one of the best compainion to children. It will surely help to enhance their reasoning skills. Slowly, the typing, mouse control and calculating skills are also increased. Be sure to avoid internet connection in the early stages.

You can allow the company of computer to a 4+ above kids. They can simply type on the keyboard, or they can play the games, like chess,purble place, ink ball, minesweeper  etc  in it. You can see how their reasoning skills are increased and how they enjoy the playing.  Each of the game helps them to learn  the mouse actions like  click, double click and drag. Slowly, we can introduce them to small mathematical games. First show them the numbers below ten and then below hundred. Then give them simple additions below ten and the like. By then, they will learn the mouse actions.

Then, show them how the keyboard is used. Enter key, Space bar, Backspace key, and Delete key are the first to be introduced. Then, show them how the cursor control keys are used. Then only the alphabets and the typing method. They will learn by themselves the typing by 8 years of age. But, the time has not come to give the internet connection freely. It should be done only under the supervision of elders. Time is the next thing; allow your child to use the computer only for one hour in a day; it is enough for a kids below 8 years.

Let me share one more thing, that is MS paint in windows. By the age of 7, kids will be able to do it by themselves. Allow them to start it and paint whatever they like.  It is interesting to see how they are using the toolbox and colorbox.  They will surely like to experiment with different tools like pencil, brush, air brush, eraser, fill with color etc.


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