A trip through the lagoons of Kerala

Wonders of Kerala

Wonders of Kerala

House boats are one of the most popular attractions of Kerala tourism. One of the problems I faced when I decide to take a trip was the difficulty in choosing the service which suited our  needs. Beside the unique style of the house boats and the exotic views the trip provides, different operators offer a wide range of services. All of them provide in house food service from the check in time, which is usually at 12:00 pm till check out time (10: 00 am). It is worthwhile checking the prices of each operators. Even though the prices appear to be significantly lesser for some of the services, you may have to pay for the in house food services. Some of them provide extra beds for kids. It is always good to have a look into the photo gallery to get a better idea about the in house services. Some of the main players in the field are Kumarakom HouseboatElite Houseboat,  Eco Trails. There are other operators like kosher tourism syndicate which provide house boat services together with all Kerala tour packages. We have chosen Angel Queen cruise mainly because of the flexibility of the day trip they provided and the service was pretty good. All of these operators have online booking facility. You have a better chance of getting a deal if you take a visit to the ports in Alappuzha and Kumarakom where a number of other operators have their offices. We found the trip very interesting and would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Kerala.


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