Today is the day for our parents and grandparents. We, youths usually do not admire or respect their services, love and care. Do we need such a day to remember our parents, grandparents and our dear ones? We are parents and we have parents, each day goes on as usual, who has the time to remember old people? or who are worried about their needs? All are busy with their own problems and jobs. We have aged people in our homes. We give them food, clothes and medicines regularly. They are looked after, all their needs are fulfilled. But, still we need another day to remember our aged parents. It seems quite ironical? 

On this day for the older people, let us remember all the aged people. They have worked hard for us, to give us proper food, clothes, shelter and education. They have renounced all they had for bringing up us. They were with us, caring us, when we fell ill. We have nothing to give back to them for their love, care and protection. When we became self reliant, we flew away from them. We have love and respect to our parents and grandparents, but our excuse is ‘ we don’t have time’.

We don’t have time to be with them, to talk with them, to spend  a little time with them. Really, they are expecting that. They don’t want any luxury, they need us, their children, to embrace once more. We should express our respect and love, for that,we should find time to be with them. Before going to office, we can meet and ask,” mother or father how are you? I am going, do you need anything special?” Just embrace them, and they need only that. They won’t demand us anything, just one or two minutes!! We can dine with our parents once in a week, share our problems, listen their advises and experiences. We should care them, and we can create a feeling in them that, they are loved and not unwanted. 

Our little kids have a lot to learn from them. They are the encyclopedias of experiences, they may share their life as stories and each story will definitely has a moral; and that gives our kids the confidence and guidance.

A number of aged people are suffering because of loneliness and diseases. Let us remember them on this day and respect and value their services.




International Day of Families

Family, the word gives me strength; a strong and passionate bonding is there. It is the place where you can love and be loved, you can sooth and be soothed, you can care and be cared. Thank God for being brought up in a family that is bonded only with love. Really, it gives me the strength and courage to move forward or to  face the challenges in the present life.

UN celebrates May 15 as the International Day of Families. It has started to observe this special day from 1994. This year’s theme is Advancing social integration and Inter generational solidarity. Very interesting theme to follow, as it is relevant in the present world. The way of socializing is a challenge for the new generation; all are living in the mechanical world. We have all the amenities at our command. Mobile phone, television and computer are consuming the time of most of us. Whenever we get free time, everybody likes to be engaged either in phone or in computer. Our socializing ends with social net working sites. It is good to have connection with so many people from all around the world; but do not forget the people living nearby us. Somebody in the neighborhood  may need your help and support. You may be willing to help, but you are not seeing the neighbor, as the world is busy with so many communication methods. What to say!, even family members forget to help each other, you are the  most needed by your family members, by your loved ones, and by your friends. The skill of socializing should be learnt first from the family, share all you have with your family members; talk with them, discuss with them, then we have started to socialize. Such a generation will be sympathetic with his fellow beings.

Generation Gap, it is the word that most of us may use to explain the quarrels with parents and children. There is generation gap, each generation is blessed with new comforts, but they have to face new challenges too. If there is a strong bond with love and affection, the generation gap will disappear. Think with the children, try to understand their concepts and ideas. Congratulate them for their right decisions then we could correct them when they get wrong. Prompt them to take responsibility, be with them when they need you.

We need strong families to have strong community and to have strong nations then we can have a confident new generation.


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Happy Mother's Day with Rosa Indica It is almost one week that I have written a post in my blog.  Today also I am not comfortable enough to sit straight and make one. But I think, I have really missed the Mother’s day. That is why I am here to write one to remember the love, care and affection of a mother that we all love to have and fortunately that I am having.

I am on rest due to severe back pain, which forced me to stay in bed. The past one week was terrible with pain that restricted me from every action. Breathing too was difficult. During that days I was enjoying my mother’s support, love and care. She was there always to give me whatever I needed; made food for me, washed my clothes,looked after my child, and  made all arrangements for me. She had to act in many roles as mother, care taker, grand mother and she was the all in all in our home. Even though she is above 60 years with so many heath problems, she was ready to do all the services without any complaints. Really, the love of our mother remembers us the value of the word ” Mother”. She  is the person that all love to have; or all love to own.

A child needs the love, care and affection of its mother for the all round development. She can pacify the kid from its sorrows, she can support him as a friend, she can protect him  and she can control him. A child finds security in his mother’s hands. When he grows older, that love and protection will definitely guide him. Motherly love can control a child, when the child commits a mistake he may remember the love of his mother. That love is like a lamp which guides  us.  We can quarrel with her, make complaints and share our dreams and thoughts. 

We should love our mothers and should respect them. A wish on her birthday and a visit with a gift can do wonders. Many mothers are experiencing loneliness during their old age. It is the time when they need the support of their children. Embrace her, kiss her when we visit her. Express the love that we have received from her.  Mother is our first teacher, guide and friend. She is the gift God has given us to be in the world. So love her, love is the only reward that we can give her in return.


Grandparents as Parents



Usually children are growing up with their parents. In ancient days, when people lived together and shared all between the family members, children got the pleasure of spending time with their grandparents. Now, most of the families consist of four or five members. The aged people are avoided, they are compelled to keep away from their children and grand children, because all are busy with their own tensions and problems.

Really grandparents have a great role while bringing up young kids. First of all, we can salute their experience. They are our parents and they know how to bring up a kid with emotional support. grandpas and grand moms can make a harmonious company with the kids. Both love the company of each other. Working moms may be tensed with both house hold duties and office duties. Grand moms can look after the kids as they had done it for their children. Since, most of the grand parents are at the above 60 age, they have a lot of experience to boast on. They are large reservoirs of stories and nursery rhymes. It is really exciting for kids to listen to those stories and poems while having food and while sleeping. Hearing those stories, they will have the food as well as they will start to communicate early. They are listening and the stories with lots of morals will guide the little kids in their later lives. They are learning skills like, socializing, sharing, being sympathetic, helping etc.  Grandparents can play with the kids, like throwing the balls, coloring and painting. Together they can watch the TV and they can select good shows for their grand children.

Exciting affectionate bonding will be formed between the grandparents and grand children. It is good for the both. Ageing will be slowed down for the grandparents and growing up will be faster for the kids. Tensed mother will be eased and surely there will be the harmony for a healthy living.





Reading is an essential habit, that should be developed in all. Reading is an interesting hobby too. Kids may be more interested in watching TV or playing games, but if they are introduced to reading at a younger age, they may start to practice and accept it as their favorite hobby. 

Reading has a pivotal role in the all round development of a child. First, they are getting familiar with the letters and new words, slowly their vocabulary is increased, they may start to learn new ideas and concepts and by getting older they might have earned a vast knowledge on many topics. Reading should be both deep and wide. Reading only story books may not be enough, it many help to acquire good vocabulary and sentence structure. Such readers may be good in communication;with  strong power on words and the language. But, they won’t be competent in general and current affairs. 

Parents can help the kids to start reading from the tender age, first, big picture books are enough, with that, they may be getting acquainted with the letters and they will learn the names of animals, birds, fruits and vegetables. Slowly, when the kid gets 4 years old, parents can read stories for them. Sitting with the child and spending time with them are really exciting for the kids, it will surely boost their confidence.By the age of 6, give them story books, that contain big pictures and letters. Practice them to read aloud, so that, parents can correct, if there is any mistakes. They may not be able to understand the story; make them read aloud and explain it to them.  Daily 20 minutes reading on both morning and evening  is enough for a child of 6 or 7 years.

By the age of 8, kids will be interested to know, what is happening around them, prompt them to read the news paper to keep abreast with the current affairs. Make it a habit to read the newspaper daily, not the full paper, only the front page is enough for kids. Nursery Classics like, ‘Puss in Boots and other fairy tales’ are good for kids, it is simple for them to read and grasp the story. Usually, kids like to hear and read fairy tales, so give those books for their first reading. Slowly, they will be able to select books for themselves. It is really appreciable that, they are utilizing their valuable time preciously.


Heaven Is Here

When you are in extreme stress, which will be your last resort? Death? Of course not, it should not be!!!. Then, yes, it will be your family, your home.

What do we expect from a family? We all love to have a happy, caring and loving family. Normally, it consists of father, mother, two or three children. All love and live in a harmony. If it is so, it is the heaven in the world.

In ancient times, a family consists of lots of people, grandparents, uncles and aunts. It was a joint family and in that all shared their feelings, works, sorrows and happiness. The children were grown with a freedom to mingle with a number of people. The feeling of security was firm there. Children learned the lessons of sharing; greed and jealousy were kept away from that unity. Women were respected and they got a support from all. Prayer was the great binding force.

But, later it became unpractical, and people began to build their own independent homes, with parents and children, so it became a small one. They became more and more self- centered. Both father and mother has to run frantically to earn the money, all the relationships became money- oriented. If you have the money, you will be respected and if you don’ t have, you will be avoided. So, all are working hard to earn more and more. Children are forgotten. They are growing up with carers in crushes. How will there characters be formed? All the family members are seeing only in the night and by then they will be tired and torn out because of the hectic activities of the day. Some are relaxed seeing the television, some find consolation in computers and mostly the women prefer to sleep. The day ends there, nobody is talking properly, listening attentively, sharing the day’s happenings or consoling each other. Finally, children find comforts in some addiction or they seek for another persons. Husband- wife relationships are spoiled. Aged parents are sent to old- age homes. LOVE IS FORGOTTEN.

When you eagerly wish for love, and care, everything will be ruined. We should find time to spend together. In the modern world money is a necessity  but in the frantic run for earning money, family and its virtues should not be forgotten.  Parents have the responsibility to bring up the kids with affection and love. Find time for family prayers, and have the supper with all the family members. These two help a lot to share what you have to tell in the family. We can take decisions on important matters at this time. Each member deserves the attention and if we can give this our family will become the real heaven.


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A Gift For A Mother-in-law

In- laws are relatives one gets from marriage, that is, the relatives of your husband/ or wife. We all live under the influence of in- laws. Both men and women have to tolerate a lot because of the interference of these in- laws, especially, mothers- in- law and sisters- in- law.

Are they blessings to our lives? or are they a real nuisance?

In- laws are  good supports  and companions if they provide such a company to you. For both men and women, a mother in law has a responsibility. She can guide her son/ son- in- law, or daughter/ daughter- in- law, with her care, love and support.  Similarly, other in- laws too can do a lot for the happy lives of their dear ones.

But, a majority of in- laws think and act oppositely. They are the real nuisance in the lives of a couple. A bride starts her life with her husband with dreams of a happy life. She will be advised by her mother to be a good daughter- in- law, by loving and taking responsibility of  the household. She will be doing all with a good intention.  But, critiques are watching her from all sides. The in- laws will be treating her as if, she is the new comer and she is doing all these to take the upper hand in the family. The mother- in- law is the worst in her approach as she carries in her mind that, the bride has taken away  all the love of her son. She will react with a hostile attitude towards the daughter- in- law. The problems start here. The mother- in- law will be in a depressed mood and she will gain the support of other family members too. Now, the daughter- in- law will be avoided by all; she will be lonely and here comes the bride’s mother, that is, the mother- in- law of the husband. She will stand for her daughter and the real fight starts here. The daughter will act according to her mother and the husband’s mother will be fighting to get her son’s support. What is ruined here? A happy married life of a loving couple. Now, they too want to win their own mothers. Along with these, the in- laws will interfere in financial field also, the couple won’t be able to take independent decisions on any matter. What is the result , the couple finds a solution in divorce, and all ends with that.

In- laws have a limit, they should keep it while interfering in the family matters of their children.  After marriage, they are free to have an independent life of their own. They should be allowed to have such a good life with their own decisions. The in- laws should consider the new members as their own sons and daughters. Love and care them like that, they will love you in turn. Give them, proper guidance whenever they are in need, avoid finding fault in all that they do.Help them, while bringing up kids. Don’t be a telltale. Allow the new couple to spend time of their own. After marriage,   the mother’s responsibility diminishes, they have their better- halves to share everything. It is the fact and each in- law should cope with it.

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