Knex Blocks


helicopter with knex block

Today, I am with another  exciting blocks for kids above 7+ It is none other than Knex blocks.

How interesting it is! Even we elders will love to make some exciting designs with our kids.  This month, I have got one for my kid who is 8 years old.  It is mechanical and kids can make designs of helicopters, trucks, wheel chairs and even animals. When he got it, he was not at all interested as the shapes are extremely different from that of common blocks. The colors too are different. It contains more than 350 pieces. First he kept it aside.

Slowly, we sat together for the start. First we tried the wheel chair. The model is with the blocks, we can build many things following the instructions given. Each step is shown and we can assemble the blocks following that. We successfully made the wheel chair and he was excited to see the movement. The wheels are so big and so if you make any vehicle it can speed on those. Next we attempted the helicopter that too is in the book, we made a big copter with two big blades. The truck was the last and it too is movable.


knex truck

It is very strong, so it wont crack, there is small parts and so small children should not be allowed to play with it. It is the right  toy for both boys and girls as it will enhance their mechanical and reasoning skills. Help them to follow the instructions, after completing the designs in the book, you can download more from the site. The price is between $20 and $70. By that , you can have a good gift to your kid which will engage him/ her for long.


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