Uttarakhand, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India, is under the havoc of heavy rain and flash flood which killed many and made a lot helpless. Uttarakhand is a heavenly place, with snow-covered mountains, calm and tranquil rivers and lakes, many pilgrims centers and very beautiful land with all the gifts of nature. Nainital Lake and the pilgrims centres like, Hemkund Sahib, Shri Kedarnath Dham and the Haridwar are in Uttarakhand.  Even though, it is not an easily accessible place, many come over here to see the landscape beauty, as a pilgrimage and for trekking. As it is in the Himalayan mountains, the climate is unpredictable, sudden landslide, wind and flash floods may occur. Recently, this place saw heavy rain fall which caused landslides and flash floods. Big rocks rolled down with powerful water and washed away the areas near Kedarnath Temple. Many lost their lives and some found temporary refuge  in the hilly areas. There they are staying without food, water and fighting against rain and cold. The Indian Army is at the rescue site for the past nine days, working hard, to rescue the pilgrims who are at the hill tops.


Devastated Uttarakhand

More than 1,ooo people have lost their lives, the local residents have lost all their possession.  It may take 3 year to make the place as it was. The government has banned tourism and pilgrimage for 3 years. All the roads and bridges are washed away.

Many are complaining about the slow process of rescue operation. But, the army is fighting against the rain and bad climate. They are there without proper food and rest. All through the day and night they are at work. With their best military skills they have rescued many exhausted tourists. Almost 80,000 people have been rescued by the military force. They have air lifted some with their helicopters; they have built temporary bridges with iron ropes and they have carried some old and sick people on their back.Not only that, they are supplying the necessary things along with these rescue operation. Sometimes, the bad weather prohibits the landing of helicopters, when the weather clears up they resume their work.

Uttarakhand rescue operation

More rains are predicted within 24 hours, that may cause new landslides and the condition may become worse; but the military heroes are working to evacuate the rest before the 24 hours deadline. They are the real heroes, fighting against the bad weather, cold, and the rages of the people. Let us salute them, they our heroes.




The 7 Most Powerful Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever

All love to be solaced and to be in peace. To stay, calm and tranquil always, we need to be soothed. Prayer gives a soothing feeling; it is the way of being with God, for sharing what we have in our minds, like sorrows, happiness, anxieties and tensions.  Most people assign prayer to a clergy or to a priest or nun, as they are supposed to be in prayers all the time. But, prayers is not an activity meant only for the religious people. All can pray, that is all can communicate with a deity. It is the invocation to get virtues, by that we can derive courage and strength of mind, with which life becomes more peaceful and comfortable.

Before commencing a day’s work, entrust all with God. We can invoke the deity for the power to be with us always while we are busy with our day’s schedule. He will guide us through the right way, He will protect us from any danger and He will guard us from committing a mistake. We can experience a peaceful day by the grace of the Almighty. Think of the day in the night and remember the God again thankfully. Prompt the children to begin and end their days with prayers; they will be deriving a self-confidence and self-esteem with that. Tension will be evaded as there is your Deity to stand for you and with you.

While thinking about prayer,some Biblical prayers are to be mentioned. First is the prayer of Jesus Christ, praying deeply worried about the coming crucifixion, even though, He prays, for the strength to fulfill the will of the Heavenly Father. It is surrendering our will to the will of God. 

Next is the prayer of Mary Magdalene, she had shown the prayer through repentance. We may be sinners, but if we repent truly, we will be forgiven and God will hear our prayers.

The faith of the Centurion, who had approached Jesus to heal his servant, should be our model in our prayers. He strongly believed in Jesus and that faith was rewarded, his wish fulfilled.

While praying let us remember the words of Jesus,” Ask, and it will be given to you; Search, and you will find; Knock, and the door will be opened to you” [St.Mathew 7: 7]


Happy Birthday

Birthdays are special days for us all. Love to celebrate the birthdays of us and our dear ones. Most like to have new clothes, a cake for cutting together with our family members and an outing with our dear ones. The birthday cards and gifts are kept dearly, these are the symbols of somebody’s love towards you. The relevance of that special day ends with all these. 


Usually, first birthdays have grand celebrations, though the child is unaware of the relevance of that day. Parents are enjoying their one year of parenthood. Birthdays that completes 70 years, 80 years 90 years and centenary are interesting to be celebrated; as they have to be respected because they are senior citizens with lots of experiences.

Recently, I have celebrated my birthday; actually, there was no celebrations, just wishing from our dear ones, cutting a cake and that is all. This made me to think about the relevance of birthday celebrations. Each birthday is important for that person, as he/ she is completing one more year in this world. For each of us, it is the special day for thanks giving to the Almighty, for blessing with the virtues. In the middle of so many troubles God has guided us to complete one more year in our life. 

Birthday wishes are like presents; we are remembered on our special day, it is a pleasure to hear a wish from those who love you.  Each birthday should be a day for retreat, a day for looking back to find the mistakes you have committed and to rectify it. If so, your next year will be more fruitful and more virtuous. While celebrating birthdays, let us remember this too; what Voltaire has mentioned, “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well”.



Father's Day

Father’s day is celebrated to honor fathers, fatherhood and the loving bond between father and children. The third Sunday of June is the widely recognized date as father’s day, but in many countries it fall on different time. It was started to complement mother’s day, shortly, people began to express their love and gratitude towards their fathers on  father’s day. Now, kids are keen to give gifts to their fathers to show their love.

I am with a different thought, while browsing on father’s day, most pictures show the love between the father and daughter, there is a commonly accepted feeling that, usually, girls are more attached to fathers. I was also lucky to enjoy the love, care and security of my father. There was a telepathic attachment between me and my father. He was there, when I need the support. Most of the girls may earn for the protection, care and affection; they may be getting these from their fathers.

Father is the head of the family, but both father and mother have equal responsibility in bringing up children. Father should not be machine for earning money. Most of the children enjoy a feeling of security while being with father. That feeling will boost the confidence of the child, he or she may be strong-willed to face the challenges, and he or she may be talented enough to solve the problems. 

But, there is  fathers, who love to be on their own, only interested in their own affairs. Some of them may earn money and there ends their sole responsibility, the rest lies with the mother. Some may like to spend their time with friends and other entertainments, kids too come only secondary. 

A real loving bond should be formed between father and child; for that, the father should be with their kids during their growth. The whole family revolves around him, if he is responsible and loving, the kids too will learn to love and they too will be responsible. Fathers are the role models, so they should behave like that. A responsible father can correct his children, stand with them and there we can see a strong bond made of love and confidence.

On father’s day, let us wish, it were not be another day for celebration.



Give the gift of life

Give the gift of life: Donate blood. Every year June 14 is the day of World Blood Donors. It is celebrated to make awareness among people about the importance of blood donation that rescue the lives of many. WHO aims to promote voluntary unpaid blood donation.

Millions from world-wide  need blood to save their lives. Blood transfusion is necessary in major surgeries, for cancer treatment, at the time of  delivery and for trauma victims. Many countries promote blood donation and blood transfusion; but the main challenge is the safe blood transfusion. Many diseases may occur through blood transfusion, like, AIDS and Hepatitis- B. Proper testing should be done before taking blood from the donors.

Even though, voluntary blood donation is popular, accident deaths are common, in developing countries, due to the unavailability of matching groups.

The importance or the virtue of donating blood should reach all people. Campaigns can be done among youths, and school children. Encourage them to be regular donors. While donating blood we are giving the gift of life. Voluntary organizations can collect and keep the records of donors with rare groups. People or hospitals can contact them when they need blood.

While being the member of a blood donors group, encourage the donors to keep their blood unadulterated with alcohol or drug, because they are saving the lives of many people. Non-remunerated blood donation is giving life to the receiver; it is necessary for sudden needs. We can save the lives of many, the campaigns should aim mainly to the developing countries, as they need more unpaid donors. People in developing countries are still not fully aware of the relevance of saving lives through the donation of blood. They may be ready to give blood for money; but it is not donation. The relevance of unpaid donation should reach all.




World Day Against Child Labour

We love kids, like to spend time with our dear ones. It is a pleasure to see them playing, eating, quarreling, studying etc. Really, I love to be with my son whenever he is at home. Some kids are enjoying the pleasure of being protected by their parents, but many of them are deprived of all comforts. They are suffering because of lack of food, ill-health, and ill-iteration. They are destined to work hard for their belly sake. They are not allowed to play, or to have leisure. The condition worsens when they are subjected to slavery and drug-trafficking. They are the victims of all kinds of exploitation.

International Labor Organization conducts June 12 as the World Day Against Child Labour. It has launched on 2002 to highlight the plight of child labours, who wish to fly like butterflies or who dream to study and play like other children. This year it aims in ” ending child labour in domestic work“. Even though there is rules prohibiting children from doing domestic works, many well to do families assign young children to look after their little kids. Usually, girls, under the age of 13 or 14 are used to carry and look after the little kids. Wherever the family goes with their kids, these girls have to follow them, they may stand behind the woman of that family obediently with the kids. Not only that they may have to do the house hold duties like, washing, cleaning etc. Here, these girls are humiliated because they are poor, they are not blessed to have proper education and entertainment. They may forget to dream, because they can’t. They are exploited at a tender age. They too are kids like ours. They too have the right of education and enjoyment.

Domestic child labour should be prohibited strictly. Those who are using child workers should be punished. Education should be free for children till the age of 18. It is advisable to train them to gain a job when they finish their schooling; if so, they can find money for their higher studies. Governments can support them with grants and scholarships. Schools, youth organizations, philanthropists and governments should work together to abandon child labour and exploitation.



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While thinking about what to write today, I bumped into this phrase, that too from an old collection of memories. ” Be good and do good”, it is very interesting to hear, but is it possible to practice it always?

This is the piece of advise, me and my sister got from our father, before we started the university studies. I thought, yah! a good advise, but during the studies it remained in oblivion. Never thought of the relevance. But now, I understand the value of being good and doing only good. I am also advising my son, to be good and do good.

Be good may be living fearlessly, telling and doing only the truth and justice, facing the challenges courageously without surrendering to injustice. It is like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:
I shall not fear anyone on Earth.
I shall fear only God.
I shall not bear ill will toward anyone.
I shall not submit to injustice from anyone.
I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.” It remembers me one more thing, that is, the end never justifies the means.

If so, be good may mean, fear only the God, love your fellow beings and all creatures, do justice to all and tell only the truth. While practicing all these, we are doing good. Those who are good in mind and thoughts will do only good. A good and genuine person can do only good. Such a person is the real human being with virtues.