Kid’s world

Today, I am with the toys that we can give to our child while they are growing up.

A child’s sense organs get matured during 1-4 months. We can notice, if there is any deficiency at this time. So the best choices at this time will be bright colored toys that produce sum beautiful knots.

I remember a beautiful thing when my child grew up. When he was only 1 month old, I had put a red colored zero watt bulb in our room, to have a dim light. One day, when he got up from sleep at mid night, he started to look at the bright colored bulb and started to babble. We got up hearing his babbling and it was exciting to see that. He remained babbling for almost 15 minutes. I think, it is first thing he had noticed.

The mother can talk to the child while feeding. He / She will start listening and will respond to the sound of his/ her mother. Give him some toys that produce musical sounds. We can also test the hearing efficiency of the kid by that. Mom can take the toy to the either side and produce the sound. If the kid is responding to the sound, he/ she is able to hear. The early detection is very important. So, a mother can detect hearing deficiency  to a certain extend.

When the kid starts to crawl, we can give him musical books, I had given him such a one and he crawled putting one hand over it. Let him do whatever he likes with it. Slowly, the kid starts to recognize the color and sound. While selecting each toy the color is very important, choose only the bright colors. We can have a look through other toys  that I had used for my kid, in the coming blogs.


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