We are hearing news of cyclones and super cyclones that devastate a particular area or that kill masses. It challenge the country’s existence, destroying the life, property and all. A country that builds up slowly after a natural calamity has to surrender to another one. That is the fate of Philippines, which was recovering after the tsunami is now confronting the super cyclone Haiyan. Mostly the cyclones affect the poor and those who reside near the coastal areas. India has recently experienced the rage of the cyclone Phailin. It also devastated the coastal areas of Odisha and  Andhra Pradesh. Even though, the human loss was minimized by evacuating the coastal areas, the damages caused by the cyclone was not yet restructured. Still, the people are suffering from flood and diseases. They have come back to their native places after the cyclone, because they do not have another option. Though their properties are lost, their life is there. They can’t leave the place where they had lived. They have to rebuild all, for that, they need the help of many, the real challenge is after the cyclone. The government has gained applause that they could minimize the human loss, but they have to find the way to rehabilitate the affected.

Philippines has experienced more powerful cyclone; it was the biggest that the world had ever experienced. The death toll is unknown, the towns are like ghost cities. The city is flooded, bodies are floating, roads are filled with debris from fallen trees and tangled power line. Survivors are struggling to find out their loved ones. All are lost, shelter, wealth and beloveds, it is like becoming mad, what to do and where to search? Helps are offered by many countries, but who can console them!

Each cyclone terrifies us, the science has well developed to warn us about the coming typhoons, they are waiting with names for each typhoon, but we are helpless in front of the cyclones. Just watch, sympathize and pray. Let us help the poor people of Philippines with our money and prayers.




India's Independence Day


Tomorrow, on 15 August India celebrates its Independence Day. It is India’s 66th year of celebrating its independence from the British rule. It is a national holiday with parades, flag hoisting and so many cultural programs. Each state celebrates the independence day gorgeously. This year also the country is ready to celebrate its independence day on tomorrow. 

India attained many achievements and golden feathers in its crown after the independence. It is the renowned democratic state that values the opinion of each citizen; it strives for the well-being of its citizen. India’s unity in diversity is the one that the world gets wondered. India is a country with 29 states, ( the 29th one is recently proclaimed Telengana, the part of Andhra Pradesh), with people speaking different languages, each state has its own cultural, political, economical and environmental diversity. There are so many caste and creed and each celebrates their festivals at different times. Along with the harvest festivals, it becomes  a land of festivals and entertainments. On each celebration, the unity of the people is seen and respected. India is famous for its scenic diversity, a tourist can witness so many beautiful places like, mountains, rivers, seas, water falls and enthusiastic fields. Tourists can taste many palatable dishes, each one differs from the other. 

But this democracy is misused by corrupted politicians. Though, it boasts on so many amenities and developments, the slums and people living there is suffering a lot, because of poverty, illiteracy and poor sanitation. Women and young girls are not safe to travel alone. Child abuses are growing and the number of missing children are increasing each year. The over crowded cities are facing the challenges of proper wast management. The difference between the haves and the have-nots are widening and this create discomforts and that lead to social issues.

India has a  long way to go for becoming  a  well developed country. India has the privilege of man power; but they need support and better facility from the government and authority. Politics should be kept away and all should work harmoniously for the India dreamed  by the great freedom fighters. LET US HOPE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW. 





It is Monsoon in India. The rainy season or the Monsoon starts from the first of June and extends to the mid September. In the beginning, all are expecting for the rain as it brings a relief to the sever drought and heat. It is like a life saving drop from the clouds. Farmers are the real benefactors. They need rain to cultivate their crops and; the harvest of the next year depends on this rain fall. If it fails, they will be ruined and they will be in famine. This will affect the economy of the county too.

Kerala- Monsoon



The first half of rain is warmly welcomed by the people as they are thirsting for it; because the Summer extends to three months with severe heat and drought. Wells are re charged, fields are soaked during this monsoon. Kids also enjoy the rain by playing in the rain and wetting themselves. All enjoy it. But, when it becomes incessant and torrential with storms and thunder, it may become a nuisance. This year India is experiencing, torrential rains with cloud sprout, storms and land slides. Many have lost their lives as the Monsoon completes the first half. Still, it rains heavily. Rains, that bring relief for the farmers, now brings tears in their eyes. Most of the areas are under flood threats. They are not able to cultivate fresh crops; it is raining heavily and incessantly, it seems, it may not stop for long.


According to the meteorology, Monsoon is the reversing wind, that happens during this June- September season. It occurs, due to the wind blowing from Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea to the scorched land. If the rain is normal, it is a good season, for tourism too. The landscape is really beautiful with mist and fog seen over the mountains.Boating through the rivers are adventurous and enchanting. We can enjoy the climate as it is not too hot or too cold. 


This year’s monsoon brings lots of disasters, in Uttarakhand with cloud sprout and landslides. It has turned out to be another natural calamity. But, a normal Monsoon is really enjoyable.



Happy Doctors Day

Doctors day is the special day for recognizing the contributions of doctors and to thank them for their service. It is the profession that holds the signature of God; doctors are respected for the Power that gives life or that rescues the sick. People show their love and respect to the doctors by giving flowers and greeting cards on this special day.

Doctors day is celebrated on different dates in many countries; In America it falls on 30th March. In India it is on 1st July. It is the birth date of  the legendary physician and second chief minister of West Bengal Dr. Bidhan Chadra Roy.

On this day, contributions and services of our doctors are remembered and our gratitude also  is shown. They are so important to our lives and their services are invaluable. With their affection, knowledge, service, and love they are there to support and console the sick. During the tiring schedule, they are seemed energetic always with fresh attitude and soothing face.

But, now it is pathetic to say that, many of doctors consider their profession only as a money earning one. From morning to-night, they work hard , it is true, but some are demanding huge amounts as consulting fees. Many are interested only in private practices. They earn a huge amount from commissions from pharmacies and labs also. Many try to earn the money they have spent for their studies with their practices. They have the right to do it, but money earning should not be their only criteria. They should avoid strikes when they are most needed, at the time of emergencies.

It is the profession for service, it should be like that. While paying tributes to our doctors, my experiences are with homeopathic doctors, who have completely cured my child’s vascular headache and my allergic  asthma. Both of us do not take medicines now. It is a course that takes too much time, but complete cure with no side effects.

Thanks to all Doctors, who take their profession as a service, to love and cure the sick with their godly bliss.




Uttarakhand, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India, is under the havoc of heavy rain and flash flood which killed many and made a lot helpless. Uttarakhand is a heavenly place, with snow-covered mountains, calm and tranquil rivers and lakes, many pilgrims centers and very beautiful land with all the gifts of nature. Nainital Lake and the pilgrims centres like, Hemkund Sahib, Shri Kedarnath Dham and the Haridwar are in Uttarakhand.  Even though, it is not an easily accessible place, many come over here to see the landscape beauty, as a pilgrimage and for trekking. As it is in the Himalayan mountains, the climate is unpredictable, sudden landslide, wind and flash floods may occur. Recently, this place saw heavy rain fall which caused landslides and flash floods. Big rocks rolled down with powerful water and washed away the areas near Kedarnath Temple. Many lost their lives and some found temporary refuge  in the hilly areas. There they are staying without food, water and fighting against rain and cold. The Indian Army is at the rescue site for the past nine days, working hard, to rescue the pilgrims who are at the hill tops.


Devastated Uttarakhand

More than 1,ooo people have lost their lives, the local residents have lost all their possession.  It may take 3 year to make the place as it was. The government has banned tourism and pilgrimage for 3 years. All the roads and bridges are washed away.

Many are complaining about the slow process of rescue operation. But, the army is fighting against the rain and bad climate. They are there without proper food and rest. All through the day and night they are at work. With their best military skills they have rescued many exhausted tourists. Almost 80,000 people have been rescued by the military force. They have air lifted some with their helicopters; they have built temporary bridges with iron ropes and they have carried some old and sick people on their back.Not only that, they are supplying the necessary things along with these rescue operation. Sometimes, the bad weather prohibits the landing of helicopters, when the weather clears up they resume their work.

Uttarakhand rescue operation

More rains are predicted within 24 hours, that may cause new landslides and the condition may become worse; but the military heroes are working to evacuate the rest before the 24 hours deadline. They are the real heroes, fighting against the bad weather, cold, and the rages of the people. Let us salute them, they our heroes.



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While thinking about what to write today, I bumped into this phrase, that too from an old collection of memories. ” Be good and do good”, it is very interesting to hear, but is it possible to practice it always?

This is the piece of advise, me and my sister got from our father, before we started the university studies. I thought, yah! a good advise, but during the studies it remained in oblivion. Never thought of the relevance. But now, I understand the value of being good and doing only good. I am also advising my son, to be good and do good.

Be good may be living fearlessly, telling and doing only the truth and justice, facing the challenges courageously without surrendering to injustice. It is like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:
I shall not fear anyone on Earth.
I shall fear only God.
I shall not bear ill will toward anyone.
I shall not submit to injustice from anyone.
I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.” It remembers me one more thing, that is, the end never justifies the means.

If so, be good may mean, fear only the God, love your fellow beings and all creatures, do justice to all and tell only the truth. While practicing all these, we are doing good. Those who are good in mind and thoughts will do only good. A good and genuine person can do only good. Such a person is the real human being with virtues.



Human rights


Human rights” are the fundamental rights that each person enjoys because he or she is a human being. It is applicable to everybody at everywhere. It includes natural, legal, religious, national and territorial rights. The simple violation of human rights is not agreeable;  it should be punished.

Today morning, Sarabjit Sing the Indian national convicted and jailed in Lahore, Pakistan died of brutal attack by his fellow prisoners. He was accused of spying for India; he was arrested and imprisoned in 1990. The Pakistan court sentenced him to  death in 1991, from that day on he was in jail. He was a farmer from the border village of India. He was strayed unknowingly over the borders; and was arrested by the Pakistan army. He was convicted for the serial bomb blasts in 1990 at Lahore that killed 14 people. For the past 22 years his family members were waiting for his return; he was survived by an elder sister, wife and two daughters.

His hanging had been postponed indefinitely, his sister and wife were struggling hard for the release. He had filed five mercy petitions, but all were in futile. Last week he was hospitalized for sustaining severe head injuries when his fellow prisoners attacked him with bricks. The Indian government had pleaded for  the release of Sarabjit for better treatment; but the Pakistani officials did not respond favorably. The jail officials failed to provide adequate security for him.

Did Sarabjit get the human rights that he had deserved? His sister was struggling all hard for the release of his beloved brother. He was the only support of the family which consist four women. The two governments might have politicized the issue; but nobody bothered to heed the sorrows of Sarabjit and the poor family members. Even if, he had done any crime, it is not justifiable to imprison a person for 22 years. In Pakistan, life imprisonment is for 14 years. He was deprived of all the human rights. As Shakespeare has said, “he is more sinned against than sinning”.

After the death of Sarabjit, Indian Prime minister Dr.Manmohan Singh said,may his soul be granted the peace that he could not enjoy in life.The nation share’s his family’s profound grief with them. The arguments for human rights may end with these words. The only losers are his family members,  who was anxiously spending each day for his return. During these 22 years they too was deprived of the human rights that they deserved.  If the authorities stand for the equality and justice for all its citizens, this kind of  strong violation of human rights should be avoided.