Happy Mother's Day with Rosa Indica It is almost one week that I have written a post in my blog.  Today also I am not comfortable enough to sit straight and make one. But I think, I have really missed the Mother’s day. That is why I am here to write one to remember the love, care and affection of a mother that we all love to have and fortunately that I am having.

I am on rest due to severe back pain, which forced me to stay in bed. The past one week was terrible with pain that restricted me from every action. Breathing too was difficult. During that days I was enjoying my mother’s support, love and care. She was there always to give me whatever I needed; made food for me, washed my clothes,looked after my child, and  made all arrangements for me. She had to act in many roles as mother, care taker, grand mother and she was the all in all in our home. Even though she is above 60 years with so many heath problems, she was ready to do all the services without any complaints. Really, the love of our mother remembers us the value of the word ” Mother”. She  is the person that all love to have; or all love to own.

A child needs the love, care and affection of its mother for the all round development. She can pacify the kid from its sorrows, she can support him as a friend, she can protect him  and she can control him. A child finds security in his mother’s hands. When he grows older, that love and protection will definitely guide him. Motherly love can control a child, when the child commits a mistake he may remember the love of his mother. That love is like a lamp which guides  us.  We can quarrel with her, make complaints and share our dreams and thoughts. 

We should love our mothers and should respect them. A wish on her birthday and a visit with a gift can do wonders. Many mothers are experiencing loneliness during their old age. It is the time when they need the support of their children. Embrace her, kiss her when we visit her. Express the love that we have received from her.  Mother is our first teacher, guide and friend. She is the gift God has given us to be in the world. So love her, love is the only reward that we can give her in return.


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