Argus Poster: Responsibility

We all are supposed to have responsible; or each person has the responsibility to carry out what we have assigned. “Responsibility” is also called “duty”. It is a sin to omit the responsibility. The unwillingness to take the responsibility may be the failure of many things. For being responsible, one must be strong-willed and courageous.

Some may need the support and protection of others to do a thing; they may need somebody to depend on. Even though, we may talk about freedom, people do not like freedom as freedom compels us to take the responsibility; or it may compel us to lead. Leader wants to be responsible.  Parents has the responsibility to their children. It is not giving them what all they demand; it is not giving them the money, food, education and accommodation. It is really giving  the emotional support and care that they want the most. A child desires love and affection from its parents, if they are deprived of it, the parents are becoming irresponsible. Teachers have the responsibility to their students. Similarly, each profession has its own responsibility. One who accomplishes a goal, shows his courage. For accomplishing a goal, we have to face so many challenges; while being responsible we are proclaiming that we are courageous too. Such a person, will not be timid, he may not shy away from anything. He will come forward and will be confident to take the responsibility. It is the real courage.

While boasting that we are courageous; we should think, how far we are ready to accept the responsibility. A real responsible person should accept whatever he is demanded. He loves the real freedom and desires to have it. Let us remember the words of Sigmund Freud,“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.” 



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