Let Us Go Through The Western Casuals

ilemma, that we have encountered when we ( me and my sister) tried to get some western dresses. We chose Ernakulam (Kochi) for our shopping spree, because it is near and we can make it as leisure trip also.

We started our search from Priceless at Vyttila, even though it offers dresses for the whole family, the choice is very less. You can have different branded items in one canopies, but we stumbled on the selection.

Kalyan Top

We thought of visiting Wills, the renowned showroom for branded western dresses, both casuals and formals. Of course  there is a wide variety of fashionable tops, shirts, Capri and pants, but wow! the price!, it is not at all affordable for most. But you can take one or two for official uses or special occasions.

Nearby Wills we saw, Formost, it is also another family shop, and from there we got an offer, if you take any two pieces you will get one more piece for free of  cost,it is good, you can take some, but not good enough for an altogether shopping.

Raymond Shirt

Our next choice was Raymonds, it is so good. You can have western formals in reasonable rates, if you want to stitch trousers and shirts, they will do it for affordable price and really the materials look great and elegant. Really, good looking ladies’ suits are also stitched.

Kalyan Night wear

For casual tops, the best option is the Kalyan Silks, there we got lots of  casuals, beautiful tops and ladies pants and all that one needs, from range starting from Rs. 350 onward. Comfortable night dresses are also available here.  After visiting so many shops and spending and all day time from morning to evening, we found enough, but our best choices are Raymonds and Kalyan Silks.


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