Human rights


Human rights” are the fundamental rights that each person enjoys because he or she is a human being. It is applicable to everybody at everywhere. It includes natural, legal, religious, national and territorial rights. The simple violation of human rights is not agreeable;  it should be punished.

Today morning, Sarabjit Sing the Indian national convicted and jailed in Lahore, Pakistan died of brutal attack by his fellow prisoners. He was accused of spying for India; he was arrested and imprisoned in 1990. The Pakistan court sentenced him to  death in 1991, from that day on he was in jail. He was a farmer from the border village of India. He was strayed unknowingly over the borders; and was arrested by the Pakistan army. He was convicted for the serial bomb blasts in 1990 at Lahore that killed 14 people. For the past 22 years his family members were waiting for his return; he was survived by an elder sister, wife and two daughters.

His hanging had been postponed indefinitely, his sister and wife were struggling hard for the release. He had filed five mercy petitions, but all were in futile. Last week he was hospitalized for sustaining severe head injuries when his fellow prisoners attacked him with bricks. The Indian government had pleaded for  the release of Sarabjit for better treatment; but the Pakistani officials did not respond favorably. The jail officials failed to provide adequate security for him.

Did Sarabjit get the human rights that he had deserved? His sister was struggling all hard for the release of his beloved brother. He was the only support of the family which consist four women. The two governments might have politicized the issue; but nobody bothered to heed the sorrows of Sarabjit and the poor family members. Even if, he had done any crime, it is not justifiable to imprison a person for 22 years. In Pakistan, life imprisonment is for 14 years. He was deprived of all the human rights. As Shakespeare has said, “he is more sinned against than sinning”.

After the death of Sarabjit, Indian Prime minister Dr.Manmohan Singh said,may his soul be granted the peace that he could not enjoy in life.The nation share’s his family’s profound grief with them. The arguments for human rights may end with these words. The only losers are his family members,  who was anxiously spending each day for his return. During these 22 years they too was deprived of the human rights that they deserved.  If the authorities stand for the equality and justice for all its citizens, this kind of  strong violation of human rights should be avoided.


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