Labor DayMay Day or May 1st is the International Labor Day. It is celebrated in many countries and in more than 80 countries May I is an official holiday. Usually, workers demonstrate protests on May I irrespective of  the party. All socialist, communists and anarchist assemble and organize rallies and strikes on this day to speak out their rights. All the trade unions assemble to argue for their rights.

International Labor Day is celebrated to commemorate the martyrs of Haymarket massacre at Chicago on 1886. The workers assembled there  for the eight-hour workday; an unidentified person threw bomb at the police who were trying to disperse the protesting crowd; and the police began to fire and it killed many people. These martyrs are remembered on every May Day. 

The Catholic Church remembers St.Joseph on May 1st. He was a carpenter and so he is now respected as the patron saint of workers. On every May Day, rallies and meetings are held, ministers come to greet their trade union members and promise them the security, comforts and rescue from the exploitation by the employer.

The workers have gained the eight-hour workday from the Haymarket protest, but do they enjoy all the rights that they are promised. They are dissatisfied with the wages itself, some jobs pay good salary and offer good living conditions. But the poor workers like those who are at the mining areas, who are at the construction sites and who are doing daily works are suffering a lot. They are working hard to earn the bread, but they are exploited, abused and misused by their employers. Their conditions are even pathetic in developing and under developed countries; proper security measures are exempted, not payed for the extra work and poor accommodation and sanitation are given. Even pathetic is the condition of the female employees; apart from all these discomforts they may have to tolerate the sexual harassment too. 

On May Day, the focus should be on improving the working conditions in the developing and under developed countries. Workers have the rights to have proper accommodation and sanitation. They should be provided with all security measures. Those who are engaged in life threatening labors should be given extra wages and if any disaster occurs their family should be protected. The trade union leaders should stand with the workers and argue for their rights. HAPPY MAY DAY TO ALL WORKERS.



Relationships As a Bridge to Divine Love

Recently, I happened to read an article on relationships; that is the connection between two or more people. It may be with siblings, or may be with friends or may be with husband and wife. For a sustaining union, a strong bond is a necessity. Think of  the relevance of bridge in a relationship. 


Usually, bridges are used to connect two places or two areas. It makes transportation easier and people on both lands can mingle freely, they can share everything and it plays a pivotal role in  the economical and social development of each place through cooperation.

Such a cooperation and socializing occur with bridges in relationships. What is it and how can it be developed? Literally bridge means,  A structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier. In all relationships, we can see and experience the gap, or  barriers. Most people like to be alone, or to live separated from others. They may be worried only about themselves, family members, friends and siblings all are kept in a distance. They are opting to lead a mechanical life, but what will be in their minds, that too mechanical? It may not be, all love to talk to others, love to share their experiences, their thoughts and ideas, their feelings or burst out in extreme happiness or sorrows. For that, we need somebody to listen, pat and embrace. Those who keep a barrier can’t enjoy that freedom of socializing.

Relevance of bridge comes here. When we greet somebody, try to smile, it is the first step to build the bridge, ask about the well beings , enjoy and laugh with them in happiness; pat and console them in sorrows. Similarly, we can build bridges in relationships. A strong emotional bonding is formed with that; which connects us not only physically but in all matters. We can also be bridges; that is, we can join together two estranged  people, by acting as the genuine mediator. While being a bridge one should be truthful and altruist.

Let us build bridges to have strong and loving relationships with all.


Tiger in zoo

Children love to travel; and to have new experiences. They love animals and birds. Wild animals usually attract both the elders and kids. Kids are really curious to see the wild animals caged in and tamed; how they are fed, how they are nested and protected. They will definitely get a wide knowledge on these wild animals.


During vacation, it is good to plan a trip to the nearest zoo. We just have made one and; my eight year old boy started dreaming on it a week before. He was so thrilled to watch the ferocious animals, the friendly animals and the beautiful birds. We got the chance to see almost all wild animals; like, lions, tigers, leopards, bears, giraffes, giant bulls, deer that remain as a flock, hippo which has recently given birth to its kids, crocodiles, alligators, jackals, big wild cats,monkeys, peacocks with long and beautiful tails, swans which played in the water, eagles, variety of owls, snakes like cobra, viper and python, and a medium-sized tortoise. We spent around 3 hours in the zoo seeing the animals and birds and reading the descriptions on each animal, that tell as the name, their scientific names, species, weight, length and age.


It is really interesting to take the photographs too, children will remember the visit as visiting the zoo is the only way to see the wild animals. They are seeing the animals and birds that they have watched in the televisions. The animals are kept as pairs and the breeding also is done there. When they study about these animals and birds it may become more useful for them. When they resume their school after the holidays they can share this with their peers.



April 23 rd is recognized as the World Book Day. UNESCO organized this on 23 rd April 1995 and from that on, World Book Day is observing every year. It is intended to promote reading, writing, publishing and copyrighting. Not only that, it is the birth and death dates of William Shakespeare, the greatest writer in English language and the world’s eminent dramatist. Shakespeare had a great command over the language and that could be observed  in his 37 plays and 154 sonnets. In our daily lives many use Shakespeare’s quotes; as each quote explains what life is, how it could be formed. He had written these plays and sonnets during his life time from 1564-1616, he might have drawn inspiration from the lives of the people of that time; but each of his characters like, Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello and Antonio  resemble many of us. Their flaws in characters are ours too. The tragic flaws that perished the lives of these heroes like, greed for power, procrastination and  jealousy are the sins that ruin our lives too. The works of  Shakespeare has thus become relevant in the present century too.

Most of his sonnets are about true love, it seems he was the man who desired for more and more love.

“Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no, it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wand’ring bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.” (Shakespeare’s 116 sonnet)

The modern world has forgotten the value of true love, we may begin our life with somebody and when we get fed up with that person because of the lack of beauty and financial security, we may throw away that relationship and get involved with some others. We may not be able to see and sense sincerity and fidelity in love; Shakespeare might have foreseen this and he might have written it to guide the new generation through true love. The true love should remain unshaken even if it is tested with so many problems. True love is like the guiding star, that could guide us to the destination and that could sooth and pacify us. We should respect the true love and should follow it.

In his plays, The Gentlemen of Verona comes first and the Henry viii in the last as it is arranged in the chronological order. He had written, comedies, tragedies and tragicomedies; but his tragic heroes are most remembered,may be because of the tragic flaws.  Shakespeare revealed his mind, thoughts and attitude through the words of his characters. His quotes on life, like, “Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” make us think on the foolishness of our frantic run after money and power.

Let us read Shakespeare and make others to read Shakespeare as it has a lot to study and follow.






The face of climate change, that is the key sentence for this year’s world earth day. Around the world, nations are experiencing drastic changes in the climate like, severe drought, flash floods, earthquakes, storms and forest fires. All are named as the result of Global warming. While setting it aside as global warming, the cause of global warming and the adverse effects are forgotten. Again, the daily routine of damaging the mother earth is going on. A single day’s remembrance won’t do any good, greater awareness, forestation, water preservation, proper waste management, reduction of the use of fossil fuels, prohibiting the use of plastic materials, controlling mining and rescuing, soil, water and air from all kinds of pollution; these are the things, that need immediate attention.

The history of World Earth Day goes back to some 43 years. It started on 1970 and it was the child of American Senator, Gaylord Nelson. Today, around 192 nations are celebrating World Earth Day. Earth should be considered as our mother. We all love our mother, even if,she scolds, there is a love, a tender feelings towards our mother. Earth may be the mother of all living creatures, plants, flowers, insects, animals, birds and human beings, all are the children of Mother Earth. Among all these, Mother Earth might have loved humans more as he has the intelligence to make the Earth beautiful, he has the intelligence to find out the treasures of mother Earth; but Mother Earth’s intelligent kid has forgotten to keep her for the coming generation. We have forgotten to love and care her. All are engaged in exploiting the Earth. We have encroached the each part of the Mother Earth, we have made big, bigger and biggest  buildings, made wells for water, mined very deep for oil, gold, iron and for other metals. Forests have almost disappeared, special species of animals and birds have endangered. The ice on the Arctic is melting  which causes the rise of water level in the seas. Till we forget to preserve the mother Earth, the exploitation is increasing; and the remembrance of Mother Earth ends today itself.

The use of fossil fuels should be minimized to protect the ozone layer and to end the air pollution. While cutting down a tree for any reason, two more should be planted. Plastic should be avoided; paper and jute can be used as alternatives. Mining should be controlled and the mined lands should be replenished . Let us, go hand in hand for our Mother Earth.



india-shiningWe all claim or argue that, we are patriots. All are eager to conduct various programs to exhibit one’s patriotism. Really, what is patriotism, and who is the real patriot? As per dictionary meaning, patriotism is love for or devotion to one’s country. If that, one who is devoted to the nation is the patriot. For some, it is the cultural attachment to one’s homeland.

“Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” Mark Twain. We are supposed to be loyal to our country, to be courageous, to be cooperative, to be tolerant and to be brotherly to our fellow citizen. In that sense, we should be ready to serve our individual country when it needs it. When an emergency  occurs the people should volunteer for the service, without accusing the government and authorities. Mostly, soldiers are considered as the patriots. Of course, they are patriots as they fought and are fighting for their country and for each citizen as well. They are fighting or serving the nation whatever be the climate and atmosphere. They are there when we are in danger, their primary concern is the security and integrity of the nation, their own family and friends come as secondary. It is good to hear and boast, but the lives and thoughts of each soldier and their family members should be considered and respected. Programs are conducted to give tributes to the courageous soldiers, their patriotic deeds are preached and respected. But, the patriotic activities usually end there, each citizen should be a patriot, should serve their nation. All have the responsibility to stand for the nation with the soldiers.

Each country has its own, flag, national anthems, national animals and birds. All keep these with reverence as each indicates our respect towards our nation. Can we call corrupted politician a patriot? Can we call a murderer or rapist a patriot? Can we call a thief a patriot? These criminals are there in each nation, who also claim that they too are patriots. Each citizen has his own chance to show the patriotism. When we are responding to an injustice, when we are rescuing a child or a woman from an abuser, when we oppose a corrupt politician, we are becoming true patriots. The real patriot will genuinely wish for the development and well-being of his country. While thinking of being a patriot, remember the words of William H Burnham, “The essence of patriotism is the sacrifice of personal interest to public welfare”



The Texas blastThe world got shaken , when it awoke to the news of Texas Plant Explosion, after the Boston terrorist attack. United States of America is now slowly recovering from the economic crisis, American dollar is regaining its earlier prestigious position. The Boston attack was a real shock as it was quite unexpected, the terrorists frightened the big nation, along with the world, with a pressure cooker bomb. The extremists planted the bombs in the finishing line of Boston Marathon which is one of the main Marathons. The next day, the nation awoke another tragic news,that is the explosion in the fertilizing plant at Texas.

The explosion claimed 15 lives and around 70 got injured.  Not only that, it damaged the surrounding buildings and houses, most of it were perished. People residing 50 miles away could hear the sound of the explosion, the witnesses say, it reminded them the pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Nuclear Bomb Explosion. The city is covered with smoke. Fertilizing plants are like active bombs, a slight miscarriage may lead to severe consequences. America seriously values the lives and security of its citizens; the plant might have taken security measures, a slight violation was not allowed, but what caused the explosion; still it remains a mystery. As rescue workers claim,” it is tedious and time consuming”; it is very difficult to find the diseased from the wreckage as the area is covered with mushroom like smoke. The explosion might have occurred from a fire, but the origin of the blaze is not detected. Since, the rescuing is slowed down due to the heat and smoke, it may become impossible to find out the cause of the explosion. Rescue workers could smell ammonia, it is suspected that, anhydrous ammonia may be the reason behind the explosion.

Whatever be the reason, the safety of each fertilizing unit should be verified. It can be happened anywhere in the world, in any nation. Lots of people are finding their daily bread from the income that they get from these plants. Such poor people will get proper protection and safety measures. Slight violation on safety measures should not be allowed. The owners and authorities need money and they might be earning a lot from these plants; but, the real victims are the poor workers. They are exposed to the unhealthy atmosphere that may lead to severe diseases in their later lives. Many nations boast on their nuclear power and threat their neighboring countries with it, if the explosion in  a fertilizing unit can destroy a small town, what will be the effect if such an explosion happens in a nuclear plant. It is really unthinkable!! This is the time to re-check the security of each threatening plant, the human life is precious, it is not meant for experiments.