Balls for kids

I have forgotten  to say something about the all the time best toy, of course, it is the Ball. Balls are excellent for kids. We can give balls to kids from the age six months. Be sure to give him/ her only the big balls which is filled with air. It should be in different colors, like, blue, green, red and yellow on each side or it should contain different shapes or pictures of animals . It will bounce and children will love to see it. We can also play with our kids with the balls. Throw the ball for him, or allow  him to hold it. He/ she may drop it and babble as if he / she wants it back. Pick it and give it back to the kid. Repeat it for a while. Any way, it is really exciting to see your baby happy, making happy noises!!

When he/ she becomes older, we can give the kid different colored balls, he/ she can hold it, drop it,throw it and even chew it.Make sure that it won’t hurt the little angel. Bigger soft balls are good for kicking also. Child won’t be able to kick it, but show him/ her the way of kicking.  Their sense organs are getting active, and they are unknowingly getting matured with your true and efficient support. A loving bonding also is forming between the mom and the kid. Really exciting!!!!!!


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