Leapfrog Leapster Explorer

Leapfrog ExplorerToday, I am with an educational toy; which has won the best toy award of the year 2011. Yes, it is none other than Leapfrog Leapster Explorer.

It is the best one that we can give to both  pre- schoolers and school going children. It is the best toy for 4+ children, both boys and girls will love it. It contains a touch screen where all the games, videos etc are displayed. It has stylus with it , if they are not interested in the stylus, they can use their own hands. Little children may be interested in using their hands. When my kid got one as a gift, he was very happy to have such a company, as the characters are  their own favorite cartoon characters.

It contains different videos other than the games, children can listen to the videos in which the characters are monkeys, ducks, rabbits, dogs and even a shark.  A video is about 15 minutes duration. Children who are not native English speakers can also grasp the story as each story is designed  in that way. The video is very good for the kids that they can learn the accurate pronunciation of each word. Apart videos there is lots of games, like track building for the smooth movement of trains,word games etc.Children can make their own pets and they can get it ready for an outing.

When my kid started playing, I sat with him, just to see what he was doing. Slowly, I asked him to hand it over to me so that, I could try one. The games are so exciting that when you complete one level you are lead to another level and the like. There is car race also that too  is kid’s favorite area. They will sit with it for so long. It is educative also, there is mathematical games like simple addition. Each game tests and enhances the kid’s reasoning ability.  We can download games and that is another advantage. Really, it is enthusiastic and educative. A must one for young kids. You can also buy a carrying case for it.

It is run on four set of AA batteries and, in my experience it is better to buy a set of rechargeable battery.


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