Palappam and Chicken Curry.

Palappam is a very delicious dish that most of the people will like. Let us see. how it is made


Raw rice            :  500gm. (keep for soaking for 4 hours)

Grated coconut :2 cup

Sugar                 : 1 table spoon.

Take coconut milk by adding water. The first milk should contain one glass and it should be thick. Take another glass of milk and keep it aside.

Grind the raw rice by adding the coconut milk ( first add the thick milk and then add the next glass of milk,  if it is needed.)and sugar.

Grind finely and keep it aside.

1.Take a little  ( 1 table spoon )of the dough and add some more coconut milk  in a pan; put it on the stove stir it  for two minutes. Let it cool.

2.Take one heaped teaspoon of yeast and  that much sugar; add three teaspoon lukewarm water to it. Keep it aside for 10minutes.

Mix the one and two with the dough and add a pinch of salt to it. Keep the mixture for fermentation for 6 hours or overnight. Before cooking it in the morning , take the white of one egg and beat it to make a foam. Add this to the dough and cook it in the palappam thawa. Heat the thava, apply some oil and spread the dough evenly and cover it with the lid and cook it. You can serve it with chicken curry.


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