Now I am going to talk about something that I like the most. It is parenting.

Being the mother of a school going boy, I love to share a  lot about parenting that I enjoyed.

Bringing up a kid is really exiting, the way they respond to sounds and movements, the way they eat, play and each activity brings happiness to a mother. Let me share something about  the nutritious food that I gave to my kid.

After feeding for completely for 5 months, I started to give him cereals made of  Ragi powder, wheat and dry banana powder. Ragi is the best as it is full of calcium.   We can select any of these according to the taste of the kid.   For 7 months we can continue with this cereals along with the breast milk.

I had prepared it in NAN  and adding some jaggery in it .  Stir it well till it becomes a thin paste, let it cool and feed your baby with a spoon . It is both nutritious and very good for the health. As it is full of calcium, it will boost the growth of bones and teeth of your baby. First feed for once in a day, and then we can feed the baby twice or thrice in a day.

We can happily notice, how the kid gains weight. Since, the preparation is very healthy,not a ready made one  that weight gaining is good.


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