Happy Easter to all. Tomorrow is the day, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after Crucifixion.  Both the birth and resurrection of Jesus is celebrated by all. Easter is the day, that brings new hope to all. Jesus is the only God resurrected from death. Life after death is the message of Easter.

Christians are on 50 days lent before Easter. It is the biggest festival that the Christians celebrate with respect, faith and fear to God. All through the lent, the life of Christ is remembered; what he had done for the human beings, what he had preached and taught and what he had tolerated for our sins.

Easter brings the message of hope and confidence. It comes after the Good Friday, on which the death of Jesus is remembered. How can a God rescue his followers, if he himself dies like an ordinary human being. But, Jesus has shown us that, there is hope after death. He has promised his presence, protection and care  with his followers all through their lives.

Look at Jesus’ disciples, what they had done when their leader was accused and convicted? They fled from the place, where were those, who had seen and experienced his miracles? All had gone, they all might have thought of seeing another miracle, or they might have feared their leaders. All were sad, because they had lost their leader.

Now also, while we go through the ceremonies of Good Friday, we all experience a sad felling. The memory of the cruelties that Jesus had experienced bring a feeling of sympathy in our mind. But, two days after, there is Resurrection. Jesus had defeated death, brought new hope and life in the lives of his disciples. People who fled on Good Friday, gathered to  see their leader. They never feared anybody, they got the courage to preach what Jesus had taught them. They got the confidence to face any challenge, they stood for their dear leader, they could now do what their leader had done.

Similarly, Easter gives the message of new hope in our lives too. We too can expect a crown after the cross. We all may have to suffer because of so many reasons, there, we can expect the reward, consolation, presence and protection of our resurrected Lord. That  hope  will guide us all through our life. EVERY GOOD FRIDAY HAS AN EASTER.

While wishing all Happy Easter and while giving Easter Gifts and Easter Eggs to all, let us convey the message of Hope with that.




Leonardo DaVinci-The Last Supper


World around the Christians today, remember, experience and proclaim the value of love through service and obedience. It is the remembrance of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with his disciples.

Maundy Thursday teaches the vital principles of life, that are, love, service and forgiveness. Jesus has shown these qualities with his life. He loved his disciples, he was with them when they are in danger, he cared and protected them. In the Last Supper, he washed and kissed the legs of his disciples, to show his love and affection towards them. He was trying to teach them the primary lessons that, service should be with love. Most of us are ready to do anything to our beloved ones, but we expect a return act as gratitude. But, Jesus has shown us that, our services should not request anything in return. It should be genuine and sincere, simply out of love. That is the real way of love.  One who can serve with love, surely won’t get tired of doing it, he can find an enthusiasm and celestial happiness in his service.

The leader should be like a servant, that is the message Jesus conveyed through his action. He should be ready to do, tolerate and accept anything for his followers. Such a leader will earn respect and admiration from all.

Forgiveness is the virtue that we all must practice. Where there is forgiveness, there won’t be quarrels.  Jesus forgave the sins of many in his life, especially, that of Judas the betrayer. The real leader with love only can forgive and forget the mistakes that he had experienced. If we are able to forgive and forget the simple mistakes from our dear friends and relatives, there won’t be any quarrel. How peaceful will it be!

The real follower of Jesus should, love all unconditionally, respect each individual, be ready to do any service to anybody, be ready to forgive and forget. 





Cartoons That Time ForgotChildren whole over the world love, admire and adore cartoon characters. They love to watch cartoon films and serials for all time. Parents too find it as an easier method to engage the kids, to feed them and to avoid quarrels. As a result, they start to watch television from a tender age, when they are unaware of differentiating the fact from the fiction.

Influence of Cartoon Characters among children.

Spider man, Superman, Ben 10 and some other  toys that illustrate cartoon characters are the main influencing factors.  They love to watch, how their characters,  or heroes defeat the enemies, how their heroes assassin the opponents. They get familiar with lots of weapons, and ugly-looking horrible enemies.  They won’t even get tired of watching these fights.

It is true that, there is some good factor in some cartoons, while thinking of it as the victory of truth and innocence over the wicked.  But, what is the means they are selecting for that victory? They fight with whatever weapons they get, and they will gain the final victory whatever be the method.

Adverse effect of cartoon characters.

Small and tender brains are filled with innocence. The kids love to communicate with their dear ones, they love to hear stories that contain good morals, and they love to hear songs, they love to play with their father and mother. But, while seeing the cartoon characters, what do they get. By that they get fully engaged in all time. They watch the TV for almost all the day, and their brain gets filled with the cartoon characters and their doings. Innocent brains get contaminated with the cruelties like, fights, killings and weapons. They get a feeling that they can win over anything with weapons like, knife, gun and other explosives. They love to fight with their peers, they find satisfaction in taking revenge on anybody. Tender feelings like, love, service and affection are forgotten. When they start schooling, no doubt, they will become a complete nuisance to teachers and other kids.  Not only that, they start to assume themselves as the heroes and they have a feeling that, there is some alien power to save them from any danger. There is the presence of some securities to protect them. As a result, they are spoiled from the tender age.

How to protect from cartoon characters.

It is not advisable to prohibit them from seeing any cartoon character. But, we can set a time limit. Till the age they start schooling, TV is not good, it is the time, they need the love, affection, attention and friendship from their parents. Tell them that, characters are not human beings, and blind imitation will ruin their future.  Give the support when they are in need, that is the best way to protect our new generation from any danger.


Earth Hour

Today at 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm, we are observing the Earth Hour. It is an event that is observed world-wide, and organized by  World Wide Fund for Nature.  It encourages all to turn – off the lights for our shining planet. There is no exception for household users and the business people.  The whole world will come together for this one hour.

Are you ready to stand up for observing the Earth Hour? It is the time to show our responsibility. It aims to make all aware about the use of renewable energy. Our energy resources are doing severe harm to our environment. Earth is spoiled on each activity. We are not considering these facts while we use the energy for our each and every need; it is essential.

Our energy consumption produce contaminating by products. Carbon is emitted while burning the fuels, it pollutes our air and atmosphere. The ozone layer, that protects us from the Sun‘s ultraviolet rays, is destroyed in some areas. All our energy producing sources are harmful to the earth.

We should take the leadership to protect our earth. While switching off the lights think of how can we save our earth from these pollution. The other alternative energy sources are wind, solar and bio gas. We can produce electricity from wind. Place solar panels on house roofs and we can avail electricity from sun.  In rural areas house hold wastes can be transferred to bio gas plants. We can use the by-product for cooking, the waste is a good natural fertilizer. Since it is expensive,sufficient subsidies should be provided for the installation of solar panels and bio gas plants. Through these,each one can become more and more self- reliant. We are saving our mother planet from pollution as well.

Observe the Earth Hour, it is the first step to show our love and gratitude towards our mother planet.



To secure our Blue Planet, the UN celebrates World Water Day today, on 22nd March. The UN has started to celebrate the World Water Day from 1993 onward. Water Cooperation is this year’s motto on World Water Day. The importance of preserving fresh water and fresh water resources are proclaimed on this water day.

Fresh water is nature‘s gift, science may create water, but fresh water only comes from nature. Here, lies the importance of preserving the fresh water resources.  Nature gives us fresh water and nature itself preserves it for us. Soil is nature’s water preserver. If it is spoiled how the nature can preserve water? Soil erosion is one of the main threats in water preserving. If it is not blocked properly, the structure of soil will be changed and it won’t be able to preserve the water anymore. Mountains, hills, plains, valleys, lakes, streams and rivers are nature’s fresh water resources. The preservation of all these require immediate attention.

As prophesies say, the next world war will be for water. Signs of such quarrels for water are coming from different parts of the world. Who are the main fighters for water, or who need the water more? Think of a farmer, he needs fresh water for all, for drinking, cooking and for the cultivation of plants. Industrialists need water for the production of variety of items.Next comes, the upper class who use water for tourism. In all these three fields, water is spoiled. Farmers use fertilizers, industrialists discard adulterated water to the fresh water resources, similarly, tourism also spoil water. 

Water sharing is one of the main challenges that the modern world face. Many countries share rivers between two or more countries. Fresh water contents are diminishing, the quarrel for more water arises from people of different nations. The need of water cooperation comes here. Water pollution is the real threat, that is to be eradicated quickly. Polluted water can’t be used for farming,drinking, tourism and for industry. We should remember that water resources are not the dumping yards of waste. Factory wastes should be recycled, farmers should limit the use of damaging fertilizers. The fresh water resources, like, streams, rivers, lakes and wells  should be protected.

Contaminated water are the main source of diseases like, cholera, typhoid and hepatitis. Mosquitoes will grow in the contaminated water and it will spread the diseases like, dengue fever, yellow fever etc.

Let us go hand in hand for the preservation of fresh water resources. It is essential for the next generation.



It is really exciting to see the bold Malala back in school. She fought for that, and she is still fighting for that, for the education of the girls all over the world.

How brave she is! How dedicated she is! How determinant she is! 

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani Muslim girl. She is only 14 years old. She comes from the Swath region of Pakistan. When the Taliban militants held a position at Swath. girls were not allowed to go to school. They destroyed and burned the schools to keep away the girls from schools. Most remained indoors because of the fear. Girls did not have the freedom to go outside, to study, to have friends and they were prohibited from all entertainments. Think of such a life, where you are kept as a bird in the cage.

Malala fought for the freedom of education. Being the daughter of an educational activist, she got primary support from her father, who is a poet. She is grown up as a girl with dreams. When she was 11 years old, she started to speak for the right of education. She boldly questioned the Talibans of depriving her the rights of gaining knowledge. Later, she started blogging, and in her blogs she started to speak against the Talibans. She wrote not only for her rights, but for the whole girls who are compelled to lead a life in oblivion. She spoke about the cruelties of Talibans towards the girls. Her boldness made her the victim of Talibans, they shot her in front of her peers while they were returning from school.  A small, innocent and simple girl with bullets in head and chest. How bravely she faced it for the cause she is standing for. After long treatment and several surgeries, she is now able to lead a normal life. Again, without any fear she is dreaming to gain good achievements. So, she is back to school. Malala, salute to that bravery.

Our modern generation can study a lot from her life. Children, who can easily avail education, do it as a routine.  They do not know the value of education, an irresponsibility is ruling our kids. Parents are willing to give them what they need. We should make them aware of the value of education, make them think of kids, who are deprived of all the rights and gifts. Tell them the life of great leaders to ignite the wish to learn. 

By the age of 14 Malala has taught us  a lot, has shown the way how to strike and respond peacefully for our needs. She is now one of the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize.  All wish for the peace, a peaceful strike will be rewarded and Malala stands as an example.