Failure and Success

Failure, it is the word that frightens us, it is the word that pulls us back and it is the word we hear while commencing a new program.

Students are worried about failures, from exams, from experiments and from competitions. Youths are fearing failures while searching for jobs or while attending an interview. Elders may be hesitant to take challenge because of the fear of failure and thus all are feared of failures except little kids and those who are strong-willed and courageous.

Failure is the real problem when we want to do something courageously. While attending an exam, usually we may think, what will we do if we do not come out successfully. Teachers and parents tell ” failure is the stepping stone to success” . We should learn from the failures and should correct our ways before doing it again. It is fine, but do these advise bring confidence and do these are enough for success? Definitely no.

For being successful, the term failure itself should be avoided. Never think of it, only think about the success and try hard. I have a cousin, oh! what a pessimist he is! I do not like to share any ideas and plans with him. Because when I tell him, I am going to do this or that, his spontaneous response is, what will you do, if it does not turn out successfully. Such kind of person will definitely perish your confidence. You may become doubtful and hesitant.

Before starting a program or before attending an exam, first entrust all with God, try hard, search the pros and cons, correct the mistakes that you have committed earlier, pacify yourself and do what you feel at that time. You will be guided properly and you will be successful. There you can feel the courage and confidence. Be an optimist in each step.

Remember what Paulo Coelho said in “The Alchemist”, ” There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”


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