Kid’s Talents & How Should It be Encouraged.

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Children are God‘s precious gifts. Most parents love to follow each step of their kids. Like most mothers I too was anxious in my son’s each step. Here, I am going to share some of my experiences while brought up my kid to an eight year old, second grade student.

Stories and small rhymes or folks songs can do wonders at the early stage of your kid. We can talk to our kid when the mother and kid are alone, and pat on his legs, body and hands while feeding. A strong, secured and loving bond is knitted with that. We can tell small stories and recite small rhymes while feeding him/her at six months onward.  Most kids like to hear beautifully sounded rhymes.  Slowly, they will start to listen to the stories and songs. Your are doing the first step of making your kid, listening and talking. The kid will start to talk very early, first it will be some sounds, then words and slowly full sentences. Encourage him/her on his/her each word.  You are building a confidence in your child and it will definitely help them later. When they start schooling, they will love to be in school, with their peers. The confidence you have imbibed will prompt the child to come forward for anything.

At the age of 41/2, when my kid was at the kindergarten, the teacher asked, who will tell a story. He stood up and said one. I was really happy to hear it from the teacher. That was his own decision and later the teachers encouraged him to come forward for anchoring the assembly of small kids and for elocution. Now, he could do an elocution or recitation without any doubt.

Mother is the kid’s best friend. Along with giving nutritious and healthy food, mother should give good attention to the intellectual and emotional growth of the kid.He/ she will love to share anything with the mother, and encourage the kids to learn whatever they like. If he is showing interest in painting or coloring  get him a big coloring book and help him to select the colors; you can see wonders while they create beautiful combinations.

The emotional attachment pays a pivotal role for attaining an emotional and intellectual maturity for a kid.


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