Lego Blocks



a park in a child's imaginationA toy for engaging children for long. It is a good idea for all and especially for  parents having one child.Today I am with Lego building blocks; that have made wonders in my kid’s life. It is fantastic for the all round development of children above  5+ years.

It contains small blocks in the primary colors. I think it is about 650 pieces.( smaller and larger ones are also available ) Children can make houses, parks, vehicles helicopters and animals like giraffe, dogs, cats and elephants. Whenever you get time try to play with your kid and show him/ her how to make the things. It contains a book, that  has patterns of different shapes and animals. Each step is described properly and children can make the patterns themselves. Slowly, they will try to make their own patterns and  it is really exciting to see how their architectural skills are developed.

I have sat with my child for almost two hours to show how the shapes are made. Now, he never wants my help and he is really interested in doing his own wonders. After making a two stored building he will come to show me to get my comment.


helicopter, and a car

Multipurpose blocks are there in the set. Big and flat one for making the floor, small, medium and big pieces as the bricks, and tile like pieces for roofing and special and extra pieces for doors, windows and ventilator. We can make animals and vehicles, like trucks, cars and helicopter with these small wonderful pieces. The container also is very good, children can keep it safe in the box.  A wonderful toy as it is both educative and entertainer.


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