india-shiningWe all claim or argue that, we are patriots. All are eager to conduct various programs to exhibit one’s patriotism. Really, what is patriotism, and who is the real patriot? As per dictionary meaning, patriotism is love for or devotion to one’s country. If that, one who is devoted to the nation is the patriot. For some, it is the cultural attachment to one’s homeland.

“Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” Mark Twain. We are supposed to be loyal to our country, to be courageous, to be cooperative, to be tolerant and to be brotherly to our fellow citizen. In that sense, we should be ready to serve our individual country when it needs it. When an emergency  occurs the people should volunteer for the service, without accusing the government and authorities. Mostly, soldiers are considered as the patriots. Of course, they are patriots as they fought and are fighting for their country and for each citizen as well. They are fighting or serving the nation whatever be the climate and atmosphere. They are there when we are in danger, their primary concern is the security and integrity of the nation, their own family and friends come as secondary. It is good to hear and boast, but the lives and thoughts of each soldier and their family members should be considered and respected. Programs are conducted to give tributes to the courageous soldiers, their patriotic deeds are preached and respected. But, the patriotic activities usually end there, each citizen should be a patriot, should serve their nation. All have the responsibility to stand for the nation with the soldiers.

Each country has its own, flag, national anthems, national animals and birds. All keep these with reverence as each indicates our respect towards our nation. Can we call corrupted politician a patriot? Can we call a murderer or rapist a patriot? Can we call a thief a patriot? These criminals are there in each nation, who also claim that they too are patriots. Each citizen has his own chance to show the patriotism. When we are responding to an injustice, when we are rescuing a child or a woman from an abuser, when we oppose a corrupt politician, we are becoming true patriots. The real patriot will genuinely wish for the development and well-being of his country. While thinking of being a patriot, remember the words of William H Burnham, “The essence of patriotism is the sacrifice of personal interest to public welfare”



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