Nicolas Maduro


Venezuela made its mind to follow the policies of their former leader Hugo Chavez, by electing Nicolas Maduro as their next ruler. Nicolas Maduro manged to attain a narrow victory over his opponent Capriles  Radonski, who stood strongly against Chavez. After counting 99% of votes, Maduro got 50.6% to Capriles’s 49.1%.  Maduro’s campaign proclaiming his dedication towards their former leader Chavez gained support from the people. Before succeeding Chavez, he was Venezuela’s Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006 and its Vice President from 2012. Maduro, 50-year-old new  Venezuelan  President was formerly a bus driver and a trade union leader. By a steady growth in politics he strictly followed his dear leader Hugo Chavez and he was unanimously elected as the candidate of the United Socialist Party for the President election.

Chavez himself had appointed Maduro on 2012, as his successor, when he went for cancer treatment at Cuba. Nicolas Maduro now has to encounter many challenges, high crime rates, problems of inflation, and over reliance on oil exports. Not only that, his anti american views may also cause problems. On the death of Chavez, he had made controversial statement like, “historical enemies” had poisoned Chavez.  Even though, the US discarded the statement, it shows Maduro’s attitude on US. Like Chavez, Madruo too claims a smooth relationship with Cuba.

Chavez was a true lover of his nation and the people  he deeply yearned to serve his nation more. Maduro’s real challenge is how patriotic will he be while serving the nation? Is he the real follower of Chavez, or as his opponents accuse,  “he is using Chavez’s death for political gain”. He has to prove it in the coming six years or rule.

Maduro’s first words after victory,”I’m here to assume my responsibility with courage … The fight continues!”, shows that, he is well aware of the challenges and he is ready to face it for the people and for the country. Venezuelans had beliefs on Chavez’s policies and they depended on him and stood with him; now they have elected Maduro as they believe that, he too holds the will power and courage that Chavez always embodied. On campaigning, Maduro called himself as the “apostle” and “son” of Chavez, it is time for him to show, is he the real apostle of Chavez.





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