Relationships As a Bridge to Divine Love

Recently, I happened to read an article on relationships; that is the connection between two or more people. It may be with siblings, or may be with friends or may be with husband and wife. For a sustaining union, a strong bond is a necessity. Think of  the relevance of bridge in a relationship. 


Usually, bridges are used to connect two places or two areas. It makes transportation easier and people on both lands can mingle freely, they can share everything and it plays a pivotal role in  the economical and social development of each place through cooperation.

Such a cooperation and socializing occur with bridges in relationships. What is it and how can it be developed? Literally bridge means,  A structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier. In all relationships, we can see and experience the gap, or  barriers. Most people like to be alone, or to live separated from others. They may be worried only about themselves, family members, friends and siblings all are kept in a distance. They are opting to lead a mechanical life, but what will be in their minds, that too mechanical? It may not be, all love to talk to others, love to share their experiences, their thoughts and ideas, their feelings or burst out in extreme happiness or sorrows. For that, we need somebody to listen, pat and embrace. Those who keep a barrier can’t enjoy that freedom of socializing.

Relevance of bridge comes here. When we greet somebody, try to smile, it is the first step to build the bridge, ask about the well beings , enjoy and laugh with them in happiness; pat and console them in sorrows. Similarly, we can build bridges in relationships. A strong emotional bonding is formed with that; which connects us not only physically but in all matters. We can also be bridges; that is, we can join together two estranged  people, by acting as the genuine mediator. While being a bridge one should be truthful and altruist.

Let us build bridges to have strong and loving relationships with all.


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