The face of climate change, that is the key sentence for this year’s world earth day. Around the world, nations are experiencing drastic changes in the climate like, severe drought, flash floods, earthquakes, storms and forest fires. All are named as the result of Global warming. While setting it aside as global warming, the cause of global warming and the adverse effects are forgotten. Again, the daily routine of damaging the mother earth is going on. A single day’s remembrance won’t do any good, greater awareness, forestation, water preservation, proper waste management, reduction of the use of fossil fuels, prohibiting the use of plastic materials, controlling mining and rescuing, soil, water and air from all kinds of pollution; these are the things, that need immediate attention.

The history of World Earth Day goes back to some 43 years. It started on 1970 and it was the child of American Senator, Gaylord Nelson. Today, around 192 nations are celebrating World Earth Day. Earth should be considered as our mother. We all love our mother, even if,she scolds, there is a love, a tender feelings towards our mother. Earth may be the mother of all living creatures, plants, flowers, insects, animals, birds and human beings, all are the children of Mother Earth. Among all these, Mother Earth might have loved humans more as he has the intelligence to make the Earth beautiful, he has the intelligence to find out the treasures of mother Earth; but Mother Earth’s intelligent kid has forgotten to keep her for the coming generation. We have forgotten to love and care her. All are engaged in exploiting the Earth. We have encroached the each part of the Mother Earth, we have made big, bigger and biggest  buildings, made wells for water, mined very deep for oil, gold, iron and for other metals. Forests have almost disappeared, special species of animals and birds have endangered. The ice on the Arctic is melting  which causes the rise of water level in the seas. Till we forget to preserve the mother Earth, the exploitation is increasing; and the remembrance of Mother Earth ends today itself.

The use of fossil fuels should be minimized to protect the ozone layer and to end the air pollution. While cutting down a tree for any reason, two more should be planted. Plastic should be avoided; paper and jute can be used as alternatives. Mining should be controlled and the mined lands should be replenished . Let us, go hand in hand for our Mother Earth.



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