Everyday, we come across lots of people who say, we don’t have time to do it, time to complete it, or time to go there and visit somebody or time to attend a party. Lack of time has become a grave issue. Time, punctuality and procrastination all are synonymous,as all decide the success of each activity. Time is precious, it does not wait for anybody, it goes as it is and we have to run after time to catch it. For that, we should be punctual. It is the key word for success. Practice punctuality from childhood; kids should be trained that time has its own value. Parents can make a time table for kids for each activity; getting up, going to school, playing, studying, having food and sleep, each should have its own time span. Then, they will be systematic and they are slowly getting aware that, time is precious, time should be utilized  judiciously.

Those who do not know the value of time, and those who are not punctual, may procrastinate everything. Really, procrastination is a sin. Think of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who laments and repents because of his procrastination. You may be courageous to face a problems, but if you procrastinate, you may be depicted as a coward. Hamlet wishes to take revenge upon the murderer of his father, but he procrastinate each chance, and he is degraded as the man who lacks will power.

We should do the things, that we are supposed to do today. If we procrastinate, it may not be effective and it may not be productive. You are procrastinating because you are lazy, laziness won’t bring you success and at last, you may become a big zero in the life.

While putting away a thing, that we have to do today, remember what, Abraham Lincoln had said,“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” Live in the present and finish the work today itself.


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