Today is the day for our parents and grandparents. We, youths usually do not admire or respect their services, love and care. Do we need such a day to remember our parents, grandparents and our dear ones? We are parents and we have parents, each day goes on as usual, who has the time to remember old people? or who are worried about their needs? All are busy with their own problems and jobs. We have aged people in our homes. We give them food, clothes and medicines regularly. They are looked after, all their needs are fulfilled. But, still we need another day to remember our aged parents. It seems quite ironical? 

On this day for the older people, let us remember all the aged people. They have worked hard for us, to give us proper food, clothes, shelter and education. They have renounced all they had for bringing up us. They were with us, caring us, when we fell ill. We have nothing to give back to them for their love, care and protection. When we became self reliant, we flew away from them. We have love and respect to our parents and grandparents, but our excuse is ‘ we don’t have time’.

We don’t have time to be with them, to talk with them, to spend  a little time with them. Really, they are expecting that. They don’t want any luxury, they need us, their children, to embrace once more. We should express our respect and love, for that,we should find time to be with them. Before going to office, we can meet and ask,” mother or father how are you? I am going, do you need anything special?” Just embrace them, and they need only that. They won’t demand us anything, just one or two minutes!! We can dine with our parents once in a week, share our problems, listen their advises and experiences. We should care them, and we can create a feeling in them that, they are loved and not unwanted. 

Our little kids have a lot to learn from them. They are the encyclopedias of experiences, they may share their life as stories and each story will definitely has a moral; and that gives our kids the confidence and guidance.

A number of aged people are suffering because of loneliness and diseases. Let us remember them on this day and respect and value their services.






Freedom of Media or the freedom of press is an emphasized essential right in a democratic country. It is the freedom of expression and freedom of communication. It has done wonders for the enlightenment of the human well-being and for the development of  a country. Freedom of media  is the right to speak out the necessities of the  group, it is the right to express the  views of the people  and it is the right to criticize the authority. Through media, we can invite the attention of the authority for particular reasons and for particular causes. Through electronic and press media, we can express the will, wishes and needs of the people. We can speak against the authority, we can correct them. It is the strongest way of protest, as words have the power of sword. A democratic country appreciates and understands the freedom of press and media

But, it is misused now in many areas and in many countries. Because of the growth of electronic media, it has become an area that faces great competition. Each channel or newspaper, competes to increase their publicity, rating and circulation; for that, they are compelled to include more and more controversial issues or news that invite mass attention. Such kind of news are mostly irrelevant, that never cares the problems or issues of the people or country. It may be about the news of film stars or about political stunts or some other controversial issues that never help the growth of the people or country. For increasing the rating and circulation, they never bother to find the truth, they may disguise themselves as police officers and private secretaries of some renowned persons; they are keen to give only ‘Breaking News‘ with the part that they got. They may be violating all personal freedom, just peeping into the lives of others. They may be exceeding the limits with this freedom of media. 

Medias can bring changes in the community; they should focus on the problems of the people, what they need, what should be done for the upbringing of the women, children and poor and the downtrodden, what should be done to fight against, poverty, ill-literacy, drug and alcohol; and what should be done to abandon corruption and child labour. They can do even more, like, boosting the new generation to protect and preserve the nature, love the country and the fellow citizens. 

Media should act like a progress chart for the government and catalyst for the community.



The Skin I'm In

“Martin could have been me 35 years ago” Barack Obama’s these words show the saddest side of racism. He was speaking about the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who shot to death,  Trayvon Martin  an unarmed 17-year-old youth, in 2012,in Florida. He was shot because, he was a black, the white, Zimmerman might have feared of his sight. The blacks are discriminated and considered as criminals or they are watched suspicious. American president, Barack Obama, himself has experienced the worst of race discrimination and it stays fresh in his memory.  Obama continued in his speech, “that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario, that, from top to bottom, both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different.”

What is racism? In many parts of the world, in many countries, many people suffer because of this racism. Some biological groups are discriminated, they are treated as less desirable and inferior. Some characteristics and abilities are attributed to certain people, because they belong to superior race. The blacks or the inferiors are not allowed to come forward to the main stream, or they are not allowed to enjoy the comforts that the superior community enjoys. They are often observed with suspicious eyes, as they may steal, or they may violate the rules, or they may cause riots etc. 

We all boast that, we are modern community, that hates racism, social, economical and cultural discrimination. But, in real fact, we may not be able to avoid discrimination. We may not be ready to support or encourage the inferiors ( that is the way they are considered). A cultured or developed society should discard racial discrimination. All are important; each one is blessed with different talents; if we shun away some on the basis of racism, we may be preventing some  talents, that might have proved brilliant.

Martin, the strong youth, might have dreams,wishes and talents. A white’s non thinking actions has ruined all; along with Martin’s dreams, the dreams of his parents’ too was perished. It is time to stop discrimination, if so, “we may become a more perfect union”, as Obama has inspired.



We are so particular about our freedom; it gives us the right to do what we like. We may speak about individual freedom, freedom of communication or freedom of expression and freedom of protest. Modern world is keen on arguing for freedom and acquiring freedom. It is a crime, if you act against the freedom of others.

But, some of our doings may obstruct the freedom of others; that is, we may be enjoying our own freedom by obstructing that of your neighbours. We may argue for freedom in our society, in our religion, schools, in public place etc, as it is our right.

We all like to enjoy life-like a kite, but, the string controls its movement. Similarly, we too need a string to control ourselves while enjoying the freedom; if not, we may become shattered and torn like a kite with broken string. The string and the person who holds the string controls the movement of the kite, if it likes to go with the wind, it is not allowed to do so. It is flown against the wind to reach higher and higher.

What is the string, that controls the life of each individual?or, if there is anything like a string? While enjoying all kinds of freedom, we need a string, a guiding force for a proper sail. Kids and youths should be controlled by parents and elders, they should obey the rules and regulations of the institutions they study and work. If properly guided with small restrictions, they will be able to control themselves when they become matured; they won’t be like a kite with broken string.

Ultimately, the strings of  all people are in the hands of God, the creator, the guide and the protector. He may be correcting us, or he may be directing us through the right way, while He gives sorrows and sufferings. We may be directed against our will, but, that is the real way or the right way that brings success. We may feel, it is the obstruction of our freedom, but we need certain, obstructions and correction for attaining heights. If not, we may become shattered and torn out.



Happy Doctors Day

Doctors day is the special day for recognizing the contributions of doctors and to thank them for their service. It is the profession that holds the signature of God; doctors are respected for the Power that gives life or that rescues the sick. People show their love and respect to the doctors by giving flowers and greeting cards on this special day.

Doctors day is celebrated on different dates in many countries; In America it falls on 30th March. In India it is on 1st July. It is the birth date of  the legendary physician and second chief minister of West Bengal Dr. Bidhan Chadra Roy.

On this day, contributions and services of our doctors are remembered and our gratitude also  is shown. They are so important to our lives and their services are invaluable. With their affection, knowledge, service, and love they are there to support and console the sick. During the tiring schedule, they are seemed energetic always with fresh attitude and soothing face.

But, now it is pathetic to say that, many of doctors consider their profession only as a money earning one. From morning to-night, they work hard , it is true, but some are demanding huge amounts as consulting fees. Many are interested only in private practices. They earn a huge amount from commissions from pharmacies and labs also. Many try to earn the money they have spent for their studies with their practices. They have the right to do it, but money earning should not be their only criteria. They should avoid strikes when they are most needed, at the time of emergencies.

It is the profession for service, it should be like that. While paying tributes to our doctors, my experiences are with homeopathic doctors, who have completely cured my child’s vascular headache and my allergic  asthma. Both of us do not take medicines now. It is a course that takes too much time, but complete cure with no side effects.

Thanks to all Doctors, who take their profession as a service, to love and cure the sick with their godly bliss.



Give the gift of life

Give the gift of life: Donate blood. Every year June 14 is the day of World Blood Donors. It is celebrated to make awareness among people about the importance of blood donation that rescue the lives of many. WHO aims to promote voluntary unpaid blood donation.

Millions from world-wide  need blood to save their lives. Blood transfusion is necessary in major surgeries, for cancer treatment, at the time of  delivery and for trauma victims. Many countries promote blood donation and blood transfusion; but the main challenge is the safe blood transfusion. Many diseases may occur through blood transfusion, like, AIDS and Hepatitis- B. Proper testing should be done before taking blood from the donors.

Even though, voluntary blood donation is popular, accident deaths are common, in developing countries, due to the unavailability of matching groups.

The importance or the virtue of donating blood should reach all people. Campaigns can be done among youths, and school children. Encourage them to be regular donors. While donating blood we are giving the gift of life. Voluntary organizations can collect and keep the records of donors with rare groups. People or hospitals can contact them when they need blood.

While being the member of a blood donors group, encourage the donors to keep their blood unadulterated with alcohol or drug, because they are saving the lives of many people. Non-remunerated blood donation is giving life to the receiver; it is necessary for sudden needs. We can save the lives of many, the campaigns should aim mainly to the developing countries, as they need more unpaid donors. People in developing countries are still not fully aware of the relevance of saving lives through the donation of blood. They may be ready to give blood for money; but it is not donation. The relevance of unpaid donation should reach all.



Tiger in zoo

Children love to travel; and to have new experiences. They love animals and birds. Wild animals usually attract both the elders and kids. Kids are really curious to see the wild animals caged in and tamed; how they are fed, how they are nested and protected. They will definitely get a wide knowledge on these wild animals.


During vacation, it is good to plan a trip to the nearest zoo. We just have made one and; my eight year old boy started dreaming on it a week before. He was so thrilled to watch the ferocious animals, the friendly animals and the beautiful birds. We got the chance to see almost all wild animals; like, lions, tigers, leopards, bears, giraffes, giant bulls, deer that remain as a flock, hippo which has recently given birth to its kids, crocodiles, alligators, jackals, big wild cats,monkeys, peacocks with long and beautiful tails, swans which played in the water, eagles, variety of owls, snakes like cobra, viper and python, and a medium-sized tortoise. We spent around 3 hours in the zoo seeing the animals and birds and reading the descriptions on each animal, that tell as the name, their scientific names, species, weight, length and age.


It is really interesting to take the photographs too, children will remember the visit as visiting the zoo is the only way to see the wild animals. They are seeing the animals and birds that they have watched in the televisions. The animals are kept as pairs and the breeding also is done there. When they study about these animals and birds it may become more useful for them. When they resume their school after the holidays they can share this with their peers.