Tiger in zoo

Children love to travel; and to have new experiences. They love animals and birds. Wild animals usually attract both the elders and kids. Kids are really curious to see the wild animals caged in and tamed; how they are fed, how they are nested and protected. They will definitely get a wide knowledge on these wild animals.


During vacation, it is good to plan a trip to the nearest zoo. We just have made one and; my eight year old boy started dreaming on it a week before. He was so thrilled to watch the ferocious animals, the friendly animals and the beautiful birds. We got the chance to see almost all wild animals; like, lions, tigers, leopards, bears, giraffes, giant bulls, deer that remain as a flock, hippo which has recently given birth to its kids, crocodiles, alligators, jackals, big wild cats,monkeys, peacocks with long and beautiful tails, swans which played in the water, eagles, variety of owls, snakes like cobra, viper and python, and a medium-sized tortoise. We spent around 3 hours in the zoo seeing the animals and birds and reading the descriptions on each animal, that tell as the name, their scientific names, species, weight, length and age.


It is really interesting to take the photographs too, children will remember the visit as visiting the zoo is the only way to see the wild animals. They are seeing the animals and birds that they have watched in the televisions. The animals are kept as pairs and the breeding also is done there. When they study about these animals and birds it may become more useful for them. When they resume their school after the holidays they can share this with their peers.


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