The Texas blastThe world got shaken , when it awoke to the news of Texas Plant Explosion, after the Boston terrorist attack. United States of America is now slowly recovering from the economic crisis, American dollar is regaining its earlier prestigious position. The Boston attack was a real shock as it was quite unexpected, the terrorists frightened the big nation, along with the world, with a pressure cooker bomb. The extremists planted the bombs in the finishing line of Boston Marathon which is one of the main Marathons. The next day, the nation awoke another tragic news,that is the explosion in the fertilizing plant at Texas.

The explosion claimed 15 lives and around 70 got injured.  Not only that, it damaged the surrounding buildings and houses, most of it were perished. People residing 50 miles away could hear the sound of the explosion, the witnesses say, it reminded them the pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Nuclear Bomb Explosion. The city is covered with smoke. Fertilizing plants are like active bombs, a slight miscarriage may lead to severe consequences. America seriously values the lives and security of its citizens; the plant might have taken security measures, a slight violation was not allowed, but what caused the explosion; still it remains a mystery. As rescue workers claim,” it is tedious and time consuming”; it is very difficult to find the diseased from the wreckage as the area is covered with mushroom like smoke. The explosion might have occurred from a fire, but the origin of the blaze is not detected. Since, the rescuing is slowed down due to the heat and smoke, it may become impossible to find out the cause of the explosion. Rescue workers could smell ammonia, it is suspected that, anhydrous ammonia may be the reason behind the explosion.

Whatever be the reason, the safety of each fertilizing unit should be verified. It can be happened anywhere in the world, in any nation. Lots of people are finding their daily bread from the income that they get from these plants. Such poor people will get proper protection and safety measures. Slight violation on safety measures should not be allowed. The owners and authorities need money and they might be earning a lot from these plants; but, the real victims are the poor workers. They are exposed to the unhealthy atmosphere that may lead to severe diseases in their later lives. Many nations boast on their nuclear power and threat their neighboring countries with it, if the explosion in  a fertilizing unit can destroy a small town, what will be the effect if such an explosion happens in a nuclear plant. It is really unthinkable!! This is the time to re-check the security of each threatening plant, the human life is precious, it is not meant for experiments.


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