“The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation”, famous philosopher Bertrand Russell viewed on how the world could gain success. While thinking about cooperation, a small insect  comes to mind; it is none other than bees. Bees teach us a lesson on untiring work and cooperation. They keep food for the coming season, when it becomes impossible to work. Only a single bee can’t make a hive full of honey, for that, collective work is essential, the bees work together to make big hives full of sweet honey. See, their cooperation and planning. We, human beings can follow  their untiring attitude. 

For great achievements we have to work together, some people may boast on their success and they act, as if, it is gained single-handed. People may condemn them, as each and every activity needs cooperation from our peers. Some people may feel ashamed of asking other’s service and help, but when we implore for other’s help, it shows our greatness and humility. Only a humble person can come down to ask the help of his fellow beings.  While completing a mission, we have to go through the works of our predecessors, learn from their mistakes and follow the advises they have shared. Not only that, we have to discuss with our colleagues to get their ideas; such a collective work will definitely bring success.  A self centered person who depends more and more on himself may not derive a final inference. With cooperation only we can be successful. Before, getting into a challenge, we have to go through the experiences of our predecessors to learn lessons from their failures and to follow their success.  Look to our body, each organ needs the help and cooperation of other organs for free movements and cozy life. 

Peaceful cooperation needs fidelity, we should not cheat others while offering a service and help. When being arrogant on receiving anybody’s help, think only this, “One hand washes the other”, Lucius Annaeus  Seneca. 



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