I was not able to write a post for two weeks, because of several reasons, like personal illness and the ill health of my son. Yesterday, I sat on comfortably for writing some thing in my blog, but unfortunately, there was some problem for my laptop. All on a sudden, it went wrong, sudden shut down, and could not recover from that unexpected shut down. I tried everything to start it, but all went vein. I could do nothing. Now, I am in an internet cafe to apologize. I won’t be able to be in my blog till my computer works properly, or till I find another option. Sorry…. to all; and am trying to be with my blog as early as possible.

Byeeeeee for a short period.





Being the member of a big family, I have to meet many  of my relatives once in a month. The previous week was ‘visitors week’ for us. We had to entertain some of our relatives during this time. I didn’t get the time to be with my blog. We had to make food for them, we had to arrange many things for their comforts and we had to go with them to visit the old acquaintances. Somehow, it is an enjoyable thing. Our visitors were two nuns and they had been with us for almost one week. It was many years back they had a visit to the native place.

It is a pleasure to see some old relatives, we can share many things, we have a lot to talk to them and they have a lot to tell us. We can cook together with them, it is really nice to make special dishes for their happiness. After a short period they will leave us, but we will be remembered with love and affection. We have a lot to learn from such an atmosphere; respect to others, how to share our things and time, how to be patient and tolerant and we are learning to understand and adjust as per the situation.

But there are relatives, who may be intolerable, whom we may like to avoid. Recently, we have another cousin, who likes to involve and interfere in the life of others. Their family life may be full of nuisance, but without rectifying it, they are keen to interfere in other’s life. They may visit regularly with vested interests, they may ask about the bank balance, about our personal family matters etc.

We can have both the types of relatives in a joint family. We must be judicious, and cunning while dealing with them, it is advisable to think twice before plunging into an action. Cheating, favoritism, and hypocrisy all will be there in one family. 

But we can make it a heaven, with love, affection, respect, sincerity and co-operation. While having a self-respect, we should respect others and their feelings and suggestions. Recognition and encouragement, these two can strengthen our relationships. A happy family is a dream, that we can build with these qualities. 

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I am not going for a controversy, I am not going to write anything about incarnations either. Recently, I happened to hear some people who consider themselves as super-human, or who assumes themselves of having some super power. They may produce something from the air. They may show some miracles, or they may vanish and appear all on a sudden. We may see lots of devotees with them, we may wonder about the followers that they have.

Some of them are doing charities, some of them have hospitals, schools, or other charitable organizations. They may be preaching about love, kindness, mercy and service. Some are doing philanthropic activities and some do services to the man kind. But are they real gods

I don’t think so. It is true that, they are philanthropists and they are admired and respected. But, I believe in only one God; that is on the unseen power that guides us and protects us. There is the power that revolves our earth. the power that gives us both sorrows and happiness, there is the power that consoles us and shields us from dangers. It is the God; not the super power. A true believer can be a philanthropist, he can serve the community, he can love the world and the society, he can live peacefully without the embrace of the human gods.

My son happened to see a photo of one human being who is worshiped by a lot, that person’s followers, adorn his/ her path with flowers and lighten the lamps under his/ her feet. He asked me, mother, how could a human being bless other human beings like gods do? What is his/ her power? I told him, if we should have firm belief on God, we won’t need such human gods, we should find solace only in God;we don’t want to follow these human gods.

They should be respected for their philanthropy, but not worshiped. They are only human beings like each one of us, they may have more knowledge, for that they should be admired, but not worshiped.





I have been on short leave for the past ten days. We were having a short vacation, schools are closed for the ten days and so I had to stay with my son to entertain him and to be with him in his plays. It is the regular mid-term holidays that we usually have, it is associated with our harvest festival, that is ONAM. Actually, it is the ‘ONAM HOLIDAYS’ that we have in every year on August or September. It is associated with our regional calendar and we celebrate it on the month of Chingam (that is on local calendar) and it falls on mid-August. This time Onam was on the last days of Chingam and so in the middle of September. The great ruler Mahabali is remembered on this day. There is a myth that, he will come to visit his favorite people on this day and so people are making all the arrangements to receive their beloved ruler. 

It is the big festival that all people in our region celebrate. Children are so particular to have new dress, and outings. On that particular day, we have had vegetarian meals with so many  palatable dishes.Onam-saddyaBoth children and elders like to swing, and dance like Thiruvathirakali. The floral arrangement is one of the most important thing that we do on Onam. We too had a small one arranged on our veranda. My son and his cousins did it beautifully. In the noon, we had a delicious meal, and in the end the sweet delicacy called ‘Payasam‘. Really, it was a cool day for celebration.Our pookalam


But this year’s Onam holidays were shortened because of the exams. Children have their Summative Assessments after the Onam vacation and it starts today on. It was a tedious task to compel the kids to prepare for the exams. After enjoying for three days, I asked my son to start his studies. I had to sit with him to cover all the subjects. He was hesitant to start the studies during vacation. I know that, it is not fare to ask him to study during holidays, but I had to. After so many compulsion and encouragements we managed to complete the revision.  But, I think, children get easily adapted to the situation. We may be irritated, hot-tempered and arrogant, if we are asked to do anything while we are enjoying; but for kids, their agitation ends very soon.



Talented Kids

My son studies in grade 3; recently I have to train him for the competitions like, elocution, recitation and story telling. It was a challenge to teach him and train him for the three items; since the competitions were held just after the exams. Just the day after the exams, they were asked to enroll the names of those who intend to participate in the competitions. First they had the primary rounds that took place in the classes; from each division, two boys and two girls were selected for the final events. All for this he got 5 days.

The subject for elocution was ” The Influence of Television”. I wrote one elocution that consisted of 17-20 sentences; along with it I took the poem, “All Things Beautiful” by C.F. Alexander for recitation and the story “Nails in the Fence” that tell about how to control anger, for story telling. The poem is so simple for kids to learn; I shortened the story to make it easy and gave an introduction about the content.

He was interested to learn the elocution first, he learned it and later, I taught him how to present it. He had to stand straight and say the words with firm voice and tone. When he understood the meanings, it was easier for him to present it with confidence.

Then he learned the recitation and the story followed it. He could present it well in the class and he got selection too. We are waiting for the result of the final competition. He had to compete with grade 4 students, but the participation gave him confidence and self-respect. He was very happy that he could learn the three within the short period and he could present it in front of the teachers.

Competitions are good for kids, but parents should be careful while insisting them to participate. They are competing, but not only for the prizes, all  kids are talented, some may win and some may lose. If we lose, we can correct our mistakes before coming for the next time. If we win, then also we have to be more cautious to collect more points for the next time. We can train the kids to select the poems and stories by themselves, for elocution they can suggest their own points. A competitive spirit is good for learning too. It may prompt them to read more and they may become more interested in their studies. We should teach them to congratulate the one who have won and console them who have lost. A healthy and loving relationships will be build up there and there may be no place for jealousy.


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Land Phone

It is almost one week since I have written anything here. Busy with so many other commitments. Today, I am again with a new thought, that is on telephone. 

Telephone is a great invention by Alexander Graham Bell. By the end of 19th century, we had this surprise with which we had talked and we are talking a lot. Earlier, we used land phones and in the first decades of 21st century on we are having mobile phones and now each day comes up with new surprise on mobile phones.

We have both mobiles and land phones in our home, mobile phones for the elders and land phone for the common use. Most people have both phones. On land phone, we are making common calls, ringing up our relatives; and in mobile phones we prefer to talk with our beloveds and friends, to talk with whom we need to have privacy or if we want to hide anything from our family.

Earlier, we were free to travel where we want, we were free to meet anybody and we were free to be late. Really, we were not observed, there was only one phone in home and that too is the land phone. All on a sudden we had the mobile phones, that wonder conquered the market, with a number of service provider; and each one offers a lot for their customers. Now, it has become a status symbol to have the latest mobile phone with us. While it conquered the market, it conquered our freedom too. We are observed, we are not allowed to be late; whenever, we are late, we are supposed to inform because we have the mobile phone.

It is a blessing as it helps to nurture relationships, we can ring up our relatives and they can ring up us too. It is soothing to hear the voices of some while we are in pain.

Sometimes, it may become a nuisance, disturbing our privacy and may become mean when we use it for discussing the mistakes of others. We can expect a call at any time on our mobile phone, there is no concern on time, place or attitude.

In some way, it has a role in making our schedule busy and accelerating our tension. We can’t wait for anybody and for anything, we may take our phone and ring the other one. When we didn’t have a phone, we could wait for long; but now waiting has become impossible. 





It is Monsoon in India. The rainy season or the Monsoon starts from the first of June and extends to the mid September. In the beginning, all are expecting for the rain as it brings a relief to the sever drought and heat. It is like a life saving drop from the clouds. Farmers are the real benefactors. They need rain to cultivate their crops and; the harvest of the next year depends on this rain fall. If it fails, they will be ruined and they will be in famine. This will affect the economy of the county too.

Kerala- Monsoon



The first half of rain is warmly welcomed by the people as they are thirsting for it; because the Summer extends to three months with severe heat and drought. Wells are re charged, fields are soaked during this monsoon. Kids also enjoy the rain by playing in the rain and wetting themselves. All enjoy it. But, when it becomes incessant and torrential with storms and thunder, it may become a nuisance. This year India is experiencing, torrential rains with cloud sprout, storms and land slides. Many have lost their lives as the Monsoon completes the first half. Still, it rains heavily. Rains, that bring relief for the farmers, now brings tears in their eyes. Most of the areas are under flood threats. They are not able to cultivate fresh crops; it is raining heavily and incessantly, it seems, it may not stop for long.


According to the meteorology, Monsoon is the reversing wind, that happens during this June- September season. It occurs, due to the wind blowing from Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea to the scorched land. If the rain is normal, it is a good season, for tourism too. The landscape is really beautiful with mist and fog seen over the mountains.Boating through the rivers are adventurous and enchanting. We can enjoy the climate as it is not too hot or too cold. 


This year’s monsoon brings lots of disasters, in Uttarakhand with cloud sprout and landslides. It has turned out to be another natural calamity. But, a normal Monsoon is really enjoyable.