Grandparents as Parents



Usually children are growing up with their parents. In ancient days, when people lived together and shared all between the family members, children got the pleasure of spending time with their grandparents. Now, most of the families consist of four or five members. The aged people are avoided, they are compelled to keep away from their children and grand children, because all are busy with their own tensions and problems.

Really grandparents have a great role while bringing up young kids. First of all, we can salute their experience. They are our parents and they know how to bring up a kid with emotional support. grandpas and grand moms can make a harmonious company with the kids. Both love the company of each other. Working moms may be tensed with both house hold duties and office duties. Grand moms can look after the kids as they had done it for their children. Since, most of the grand parents are at the above 60 age, they have a lot of experience to boast on. They are large reservoirs of stories and nursery rhymes. It is really exciting for kids to listen to those stories and poems while having food and while sleeping. Hearing those stories, they will have the food as well as they will start to communicate early. They are listening and the stories with lots of morals will guide the little kids in their later lives. They are learning skills like, socializing, sharing, being sympathetic, helping etc.  Grandparents can play with the kids, like throwing the balls, coloring and painting. Together they can watch the TV and they can select good shows for their grand children.

Exciting affectionate bonding will be formed between the grandparents and grand children. It is good for the both. Ageing will be slowed down for the grandparents and growing up will be faster for the kids. Tensed mother will be eased and surely there will be the harmony for a healthy living.






Reading is an essential habit, that should be developed in all. Reading is an interesting hobby too. Kids may be more interested in watching TV or playing games, but if they are introduced to reading at a younger age, they may start to practice and accept it as their favorite hobby. 

Reading has a pivotal role in the all round development of a child. First, they are getting familiar with the letters and new words, slowly their vocabulary is increased, they may start to learn new ideas and concepts and by getting older they might have earned a vast knowledge on many topics. Reading should be both deep and wide. Reading only story books may not be enough, it many help to acquire good vocabulary and sentence structure. Such readers may be good in communication;with  strong power on words and the language. But, they won’t be competent in general and current affairs. 

Parents can help the kids to start reading from the tender age, first, big picture books are enough, with that, they may be getting acquainted with the letters and they will learn the names of animals, birds, fruits and vegetables. Slowly, when the kid gets 4 years old, parents can read stories for them. Sitting with the child and spending time with them are really exciting for the kids, it will surely boost their confidence.By the age of 6, give them story books, that contain big pictures and letters. Practice them to read aloud, so that, parents can correct, if there is any mistakes. They may not be able to understand the story; make them read aloud and explain it to them.  Daily 20 minutes reading on both morning and evening  is enough for a child of 6 or 7 years.

By the age of 8, kids will be interested to know, what is happening around them, prompt them to read the news paper to keep abreast with the current affairs. Make it a habit to read the newspaper daily, not the full paper, only the front page is enough for kids. Nursery Classics like, ‘Puss in Boots and other fairy tales’ are good for kids, it is simple for them to read and grasp the story. Usually, kids like to hear and read fairy tales, so give those books for their first reading. Slowly, they will be able to select books for themselves. It is really appreciable that, they are utilizing their valuable time preciously.





Cartoons That Time ForgotChildren whole over the world love, admire and adore cartoon characters. They love to watch cartoon films and serials for all time. Parents too find it as an easier method to engage the kids, to feed them and to avoid quarrels. As a result, they start to watch television from a tender age, when they are unaware of differentiating the fact from the fiction.

Influence of Cartoon Characters among children.

Spider man, Superman, Ben 10 and some other  toys that illustrate cartoon characters are the main influencing factors.  They love to watch, how their characters,  or heroes defeat the enemies, how their heroes assassin the opponents. They get familiar with lots of weapons, and ugly-looking horrible enemies.  They won’t even get tired of watching these fights.

It is true that, there is some good factor in some cartoons, while thinking of it as the victory of truth and innocence over the wicked.  But, what is the means they are selecting for that victory? They fight with whatever weapons they get, and they will gain the final victory whatever be the method.

Adverse effect of cartoon characters.

Small and tender brains are filled with innocence. The kids love to communicate with their dear ones, they love to hear stories that contain good morals, and they love to hear songs, they love to play with their father and mother. But, while seeing the cartoon characters, what do they get. By that they get fully engaged in all time. They watch the TV for almost all the day, and their brain gets filled with the cartoon characters and their doings. Innocent brains get contaminated with the cruelties like, fights, killings and weapons. They get a feeling that they can win over anything with weapons like, knife, gun and other explosives. They love to fight with their peers, they find satisfaction in taking revenge on anybody. Tender feelings like, love, service and affection are forgotten. When they start schooling, no doubt, they will become a complete nuisance to teachers and other kids.  Not only that, they start to assume themselves as the heroes and they have a feeling that, there is some alien power to save them from any danger. There is the presence of some securities to protect them. As a result, they are spoiled from the tender age.

How to protect from cartoon characters.

It is not advisable to prohibit them from seeing any cartoon character. But, we can set a time limit. Till the age they start schooling, TV is not good, it is the time, they need the love, affection, attention and friendship from their parents. Tell them that, characters are not human beings, and blind imitation will ruin their future.  Give the support when they are in need, that is the best way to protect our new generation from any danger.