Being the member of a big family, I have to meet many  of my relatives once in a month. The previous week was ‘visitors week’ for us. We had to entertain some of our relatives during this time. I didn’t get the time to be with my blog. We had to make food for them, we had to arrange many things for their comforts and we had to go with them to visit the old acquaintances. Somehow, it is an enjoyable thing. Our visitors were two nuns and they had been with us for almost one week. It was many years back they had a visit to the native place.

It is a pleasure to see some old relatives, we can share many things, we have a lot to talk to them and they have a lot to tell us. We can cook together with them, it is really nice to make special dishes for their happiness. After a short period they will leave us, but we will be remembered with love and affection. We have a lot to learn from such an atmosphere; respect to others, how to share our things and time, how to be patient and tolerant and we are learning to understand and adjust as per the situation.

But there are relatives, who may be intolerable, whom we may like to avoid. Recently, we have another cousin, who likes to involve and interfere in the life of others. Their family life may be full of nuisance, but without rectifying it, they are keen to interfere in other’s life. They may visit regularly with vested interests, they may ask about the bank balance, about our personal family matters etc.

We can have both the types of relatives in a joint family. We must be judicious, and cunning while dealing with them, it is advisable to think twice before plunging into an action. Cheating, favoritism, and hypocrisy all will be there in one family. 

But we can make it a heaven, with love, affection, respect, sincerity and co-operation. While having a self-respect, we should respect others and their feelings and suggestions. Recognition and encouragement, these two can strengthen our relationships. A happy family is a dream, that we can build with these qualities. 

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Stop Suicide

I happened to hear the suicide of an 11-year-old boy a few days back. First the news spread as the boy got hanged during his play, I thought how pathetic it was? A small negligence took the life, what would be the reaction of his parents and relatives? How could they tolerate this? All these worried me a lot; and really, kid’s aloofness while playing hounded me. I thought of my son and advised him to be careful while playing.

But two days later, I heard that, that boy’s death was not accidental, it was a suicide, another great shock!!!!!!, I could not believe my ears, how a small kid of 11 year could commit suicide, how he could even think of ending his life, what did he know about death, why? “there is no answer”. Our kids are terrifying us. 

He might be worried, something might had happened at school, or at home or from parents or friends or from teachers. But, poor kid, if he could find anybody to share his feelings, or if he found anybody to pacify him or console him, he would have been here to enjoy his life. 

Our kids are growing, in the world that offers a lot, more comforts, more technologies, more opportunity for entertainment, more friendships and more money. They are enjoying or they are immersed in all these, but it seems, they are not aware of the sorrows and needs of their fellow beings. They don’t want to, they are satisfied on what they get. 

We should be more careful, while giving them all comforts, we should teach them, what the real world is. A large number of people are deprived of all these luxuries. We should teach them to share, the give and take will strengthen the relationships, a bond will be formed between people. This may support us. While having all these we are deprived of unconditional, sacrificing and serving love. 

Let us find time to be with our kids, they have a lot to share. Let them speak out their sorrows, joys, gains and loses. Embrace them, appreciate them and console them. Be with them to build up a confidence to go forward to enjoy the beauty of their lives. There is only one life, let us make it worth with virtues.



April 2 is the World Autism Awareness Day. It is the sixth annual day on Autism Awareness. A huge number of children suffer due to Autism, not only that, it affects the family of those children, proper awareness is essential  for early detection, for affectionate approach, for the education and for making them self reliant. By that, both the children and family will be relieved and the children will definitely get support, concern, care, love and affection. World Autism Awareness Day aims for the proper upbringing of autistic children.

Autism is a complex neurological disorder  that impairs mainly the social and communicative skills of the children. They may lag in studies, they won’t be able to pay attention to anything properly and they won’t be able to react to sensations. Autism can be detected at an early age by observing the kid closely. Kids usually, start to identify the face of his mother at 2 months, he will respond to sounds by 2 months and he starts to babble by 2 1/2 months. If the child is not able to identify the faces, if he does not smile and if he does not babble, it shows his difficulty in communication and attention skills. By observing, a medical practitioner can detect autism at an early stage. When the child gets older, he won’t be able to mingle with the peers, fails in socializing and communication. It will surely, affect their confidence and they will lag in all fields. Family members too become agitated and that ruins all.

Relevance of World Autism Awareness Day is here. Primary responsibility lies with the parents. They can detect any impairment if they are with their children. A pediatrician can diagnose autism by observing the development  history. While treating children with autism, first aim should be in lessening the stress and increasing the quality of life by making them independent. They need  individualized support, so, family and school can do a lot. They need a friendly and caring atmosphere to boost their confidence. Give them instructions for each activity, and show them, how it should be followed. Congratulate them and support them for each success, it will prompt them to try more. Together with behavioral treatments, medication with psychoactive drugs  too is needed.

It is a fact that, there is no known cure for autism, but children can come out successfully with the support of family members and educators. On this World Autism Awareness Day, it should be remembered that, each person with autism needs three-way supports, emotionally, physically and financially. 





Who is a psychopath? We may target a person with some insane behavior as a psychopath.  Are mad or insane persons  the only psychopaths? Most people have some strange habits; and some of that have become the part of life; like, over neatness, too much obsessed with fashion, ornaments, or religion.  But, they are not psychopaths. A real psychopath will have some chronic mental disorder with violent social behavior.

A psychopath can hide his mental illness by behaving normally. He may appear as the most well mannered person in front of his friends and relatives. The real sufferer is the person who is living with the psychopath, that is, the husband or the wife. They will torture them both mentally and physically and they are finding a strange satisfaction while their victims suffer. Think of a person living with a psychopath. I may say, it is the worst thing!!!! They won’t allow their partner any freedom, he/ she will be prohibited to talk with his/ her friends,relatives and even with parents. The wives are the real victims, as the husbands can escape from it to a certain extent. But, wives have to stay with the insane husband for the sake of the kids, if she is not earning, it will become more pathetic. She has to rely on her psychopath husband for all; and he will treat her like a beast. A number of women are compelled to lead a life with the insane husbands because of several reasons; as they may be afraid of the society, what the society will think about her or what will be the future of her kids, some others may have to consider the family name and some others have no other option.

What is the reason behind a person becoming a psychopath? There is a genetic factor, that is true. But, parents can detect the behavioral changes from  a younger age. If so, they can get their child for better treatment. Early medication, and counselling are effective, it can be controlled. Support them with proper and loving care. Parents and siblings can imbibe a confidence in them. If it is done properly, the future life will be secured, and they can lead a comfortable family and professional life.


Tensions of Order and Freedom: Catholic Political Thought

Tension or stress are the two words that most people use today. Elders (both men and women) are tensed because of problems in work; or because of the stress given by the employer.  Parents are tensed as they are anxious about the studies, lives and future of their kids. Youths are stressed because of so many problems from colleagues, employers and even from their better halves. Not only that, young school going children are tensed for they want, or they are compelled to gain first ranks. Thank God! Little kids are excepted from these tensions!!!!!!! 

I am quite surprised to hear these words, tensions and stress from almost all I meet. Why so much tensions? The tension starts at the time one gets up in the morning, it is with him all through the day, as a challenge and a day’s tension ends when he goes to sleep. It is ruining the peaceful and comfortable atmosphere of each family. Think of a father with a stressed face, and a mother with a pale and depressed attitude! What will be the life of the children, they are the most affected. Slowly, they too feel tensed as it is the custom.

What should be changed?  As we have heard earlier, a well begun is half done, the day should be started with some meditation. Those who believe in God can entrust all the duties of that day with the Almighty. Surely, we can experience a peace and comfort. Next is the systematic doings. Each activity should have a particular time. I am not mentioning about a time table, but we must be punctual, do justice to the time, it is running fast. Hold a pleasant smiling face while you meet your employer, boss, colleagues and every body. Have a nutritious food and enough water for the health of the body. Try the most to not to get angry; if you get anger, the words coming from you may hurt others, and that will spoil the healthy and comfortable relationships. At home, find time to spend with the children, just an applause or pat is like getting heaven for the kids. Talk and share anything with your dear ones, it will reduce the stress and tensionsSee how easily you have completed a day without  tensionsSMILE AND BE PLEASANT WITH EVERYBODY.

Family Day

Dream Day True Love


We all love to be in the security of our loved ones, to be in the circle of our beloveds. While thinking about such an occasion I happened to ponder on the family day. For most, it is on second or third Monday of February.  Another day for celebration; is it like that?

No, never, it should not be like that. Family is the place where, we can shed our woes, sorrows, anxiety and all. Not only that we are sharing our happiness, achievements and the like. We are getting inspiration, praises etc. What a peaceful experience to be in the midst of our beloved ones! I love to share; my views, ideas and everything, even if it is foolishness; in my family circle. At the time of our education, our parents waited for us to hear the words from us,  and we shared the happenings of a day. No lies, and no secrets there. How peaceful it was, all our doings were with the knowledge and  permission of our parents. So, we did not have anything to worry about, we knew that, there is our dear ones with us whatever be the situation.

Now also, many families follow the sharing, and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. I am also keen to give that freedom and security to my kid. I think, most of the crimes are happening because of the lack of sharing. Majority did not have a quiet support to listen and pacify. All are after their jobs and for financial security. Of course, it is essential to have a peaceful family life, but most important is the strongly  bind family. If there, is love and a strong knitted relationship between the parents and kids, all the other will follow it.  Children will definitely obey and respect  their parents and elders and we can be proud that, we are bringing up a new, strong willed and responsible generation. That is the world now needs the most.