International Youth Day


Today, 12 August is the International youth day. United Nations has designated International youth day to draw attention towards the youth; their responsibilities, their likes and dislikes and their problems and challenges. It was first observed on 2000. As per UN standards, people in the age group of 15 to 24 are considered as youths. Some are in the teens and some are about to be matured.

This is a challenging  period in the life of each individual. They have to take decision on their studies and career;and they are experiencing physical, emotional and intellectual changed during this period. They need the support, consolation and assistance of their parents and loved ones. They may be adamant and arrogant, they may be adventurous and self – centered; all these because of their age. They need support, care and love. They need a silent listener, who can pacify them, a calm support to soothe them and a caring hand to embrace them. If so, they will become confident, courageous and self reliant. They may come to their parents, when they are in trouble. If not, they may find relaxation in drugs and alcohol and they may be ruining their entire life. It is the age, that prompt to do whatever they like, it is the age that tempt them to commit mistakes, if they are directed properly or guided intellectually, they will become assets to the family and society. We have to bring our new generation like that, they are the builders of our new society and new world. They should be courageous, loving and virtuous. If they complete their mid teens , or the early youth period with confidence, they will be successful.

This year’s International Youth Day focuses on the migrations of youths. Youths are migrating in search of better luck, better jobs and better life. Because of this, their native lands may have to face brain drain. In the migrated countries, they may have to face many challenges. These youths are using their brain and energy for the migrant countries, so they should be given proper care and protection. They should be respected and rewarded. Our youths are our treasure, wish them a bright and prosperous future on this International Youth Day.




BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT : CLOSE TO MOTHERS. This the theme of World Breast Feeding Week in 2013, and we are going through that period now. It is an annual celebration held, during the first week of August. It was formed in 1991 to promote, protect and support breast feeding. It has been organized by WHO,WBW, and UNICEF and it aims to promote exclusive breast feeding for six months. It is intended to aware the mothers about the nutrient benefits of breast feeding, how it resists the deadly diseases like pneumonia and how it helps to build an emotional attachment between the mother and child. 

UNICEF celebrates World Breastfeeding Week on 120 countries, baby friendly hospitals are established to promote breast feeding. Mothers are taught, the necessity of breast feeding and they are taught how to hold the baby while breast feeding and how many times they should feed the baby a day, what they should eat to produce healthy and enough milk.

Most of the mothers are willing to breastfeed; while breastfeeding, a loving bond is formed between the mother and baby. Mother should hold her baby in the arm, resting the child’s head on the arm. Hold the baby very close to the chest and stomach of the mother and feed the baby sitting straight in that posture. The child may look into the eyes of the mother, resting his/ her little hand on the breast of its mother. While feeding look into the eyes of the baby, hold the little hand and give a kiss; he is slowly, getting that, it is the person, who loves him, protects him and cares him. He/ she may soon start to recognize its mother, start to babble. The child is growing fast with the support and milk of its mother. While giving milk, the child is experiencing the warmth of mother’s love and care. While feeding for six months, he/ she may get the nutrient factors that are essential for its all round growth. The mother can introduce little amount of cereals during this period along with the mother’s milk. It is good to breastfeed the baby when he/ she gets two years old. The loving bond will always be there.

It is not easy for working mothers to feed the baby for six months and feed her child holding in the arms. She may be compelled to go for the work entrusting the child with any care taker. Mothers should be given six months maternity leave for breastfeeding the baby. When, it is not possible, nurseries can be build in offices and they can feed their baby whenever they want. Breast feeding mothers usually need support from partners, in-laws and from friends and peers; for they are bringing up our new generation.





“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”These are the words of Neil Armstrong, the first man on Lunar. On July 21st 1969, man entered into the surface of Earth’s wonderful satellite, the Moon for the first time. The three men behind this historic expedition were Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin Jr and Michael Collins. The first two touched the surface of the Moon, Collins stayed back in the orbit of Moon to control their space ship Columbia.

Hundreds of years, Moon remained as a fascinating big and round thing on the sky. Each month, men watched the growth of it from a small piece to a big round one which gives light during the night. Then it diminishes and fades away for a short span of time. Men might have observed the changes that occurred on Earth during these Full Moon and New Moon days. Some might have worshipped it as God; some have assumed different shapes present in moon. Mothers used to show children the moon while feeding them, or to entertain them. Similarly, it remained as a wonder for many years. Later, scientists made studies on this wonderful round shaped thing on the sky which gave light, and it was discovered that, it  is the satellite of Earth, that stays in between Earth and Sun. It receives lights from the Sun and shines, but not hot like the Sun.

Scientists began to study more on astronomy. After Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik I on 1957, there occurred a competition to explore more on space and Moon. The United States, surprised the world with its Apollo 11 mission, which landed man in the moon. On July 16, 1969, the Saturn V rocket launched Apollo 11 into the sky from the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida. After one and a half orbit around the Earth, they started their journey towards the Moon. On July 19, they entered the orbit of Moon. On 21 July, Armstrong and Aldrin made their historic land. After spending 21 hours and 35 minutes on Moon’s surface, they returned with 46 pounds of Moon rocks. They had seen our beautiful and bright Earth from the surface of Moon. Remember the heroes once again as their steps were giant leaps for astronomy ,for astronauts and for the world.





Happy Doctors Day

Doctors day is the special day for recognizing the contributions of doctors and to thank them for their service. It is the profession that holds the signature of God; doctors are respected for the Power that gives life or that rescues the sick. People show their love and respect to the doctors by giving flowers and greeting cards on this special day.

Doctors day is celebrated on different dates in many countries; In America it falls on 30th March. In India it is on 1st July. It is the birth date of  the legendary physician and second chief minister of West Bengal Dr. Bidhan Chadra Roy.

On this day, contributions and services of our doctors are remembered and our gratitude also  is shown. They are so important to our lives and their services are invaluable. With their affection, knowledge, service, and love they are there to support and console the sick. During the tiring schedule, they are seemed energetic always with fresh attitude and soothing face.

But, now it is pathetic to say that, many of doctors consider their profession only as a money earning one. From morning to-night, they work hard , it is true, but some are demanding huge amounts as consulting fees. Many are interested only in private practices. They earn a huge amount from commissions from pharmacies and labs also. Many try to earn the money they have spent for their studies with their practices. They have the right to do it, but money earning should not be their only criteria. They should avoid strikes when they are most needed, at the time of emergencies.

It is the profession for service, it should be like that. While paying tributes to our doctors, my experiences are with homeopathic doctors, who have completely cured my child’s vascular headache and my allergic  asthma. Both of us do not take medicines now. It is a course that takes too much time, but complete cure with no side effects.

Thanks to all Doctors, who take their profession as a service, to love and cure the sick with their godly bliss.




Uttarakhand, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India, is under the havoc of heavy rain and flash flood which killed many and made a lot helpless. Uttarakhand is a heavenly place, with snow-covered mountains, calm and tranquil rivers and lakes, many pilgrims centers and very beautiful land with all the gifts of nature. Nainital Lake and the pilgrims centres like, Hemkund Sahib, Shri Kedarnath Dham and the Haridwar are in Uttarakhand.  Even though, it is not an easily accessible place, many come over here to see the landscape beauty, as a pilgrimage and for trekking. As it is in the Himalayan mountains, the climate is unpredictable, sudden landslide, wind and flash floods may occur. Recently, this place saw heavy rain fall which caused landslides and flash floods. Big rocks rolled down with powerful water and washed away the areas near Kedarnath Temple. Many lost their lives and some found temporary refuge  in the hilly areas. There they are staying without food, water and fighting against rain and cold. The Indian Army is at the rescue site for the past nine days, working hard, to rescue the pilgrims who are at the hill tops.


Devastated Uttarakhand

More than 1,ooo people have lost their lives, the local residents have lost all their possession.  It may take 3 year to make the place as it was. The government has banned tourism and pilgrimage for 3 years. All the roads and bridges are washed away.

Many are complaining about the slow process of rescue operation. But, the army is fighting against the rain and bad climate. They are there without proper food and rest. All through the day and night they are at work. With their best military skills they have rescued many exhausted tourists. Almost 80,000 people have been rescued by the military force. They have air lifted some with their helicopters; they have built temporary bridges with iron ropes and they have carried some old and sick people on their back.Not only that, they are supplying the necessary things along with these rescue operation. Sometimes, the bad weather prohibits the landing of helicopters, when the weather clears up they resume their work.

Uttarakhand rescue operation

More rains are predicted within 24 hours, that may cause new landslides and the condition may become worse; but the military heroes are working to evacuate the rest before the 24 hours deadline. They are the real heroes, fighting against the bad weather, cold, and the rages of the people. Let us salute them, they our heroes.



Father's Day

Father’s day is celebrated to honor fathers, fatherhood and the loving bond between father and children. The third Sunday of June is the widely recognized date as father’s day, but in many countries it fall on different time. It was started to complement mother’s day, shortly, people began to express their love and gratitude towards their fathers on  father’s day. Now, kids are keen to give gifts to their fathers to show their love.

I am with a different thought, while browsing on father’s day, most pictures show the love between the father and daughter, there is a commonly accepted feeling that, usually, girls are more attached to fathers. I was also lucky to enjoy the love, care and security of my father. There was a telepathic attachment between me and my father. He was there, when I need the support. Most of the girls may earn for the protection, care and affection; they may be getting these from their fathers.

Father is the head of the family, but both father and mother have equal responsibility in bringing up children. Father should not be machine for earning money. Most of the children enjoy a feeling of security while being with father. That feeling will boost the confidence of the child, he or she may be strong-willed to face the challenges, and he or she may be talented enough to solve the problems. 

But, there is  fathers, who love to be on their own, only interested in their own affairs. Some of them may earn money and there ends their sole responsibility, the rest lies with the mother. Some may like to spend their time with friends and other entertainments, kids too come only secondary. 

A real loving bond should be formed between father and child; for that, the father should be with their kids during their growth. The whole family revolves around him, if he is responsible and loving, the kids too will learn to love and they too will be responsible. Fathers are the role models, so they should behave like that. A responsible father can correct his children, stand with them and there we can see a strong bond made of love and confidence.

On father’s day, let us wish, it were not be another day for celebration.



World Environment Day

Every year United Nations Environment Program celebrates June 5th as the World Environment Day. It is to promote positive attitude among people to preserve the environment and our biodiversity. Each year, awareness programs are held to identify the major environmental problems that need immediate attention. Many activities are conducted like, seminars, campaigns, cleaning, and tree planting etc.  Still our environment is polluted in different ways.


Air, water, and soil are polluted.  Carbon emission from vehicles and fossil fuels are the main threat that our atmosphere has. All are aware of it, the ozone layer is destroyed in many parts, some ares are suffering because of severe drought and heat. The ultraviolet rays are causing many skin problems. Special species of animals and plants are endangered. Some ares are facing incessant rain with thunder-storm and flash floods. Many countries have tried different methods to decrease the carbon emission to save the atmosphere, but still, there is air pollution.

Water and soil are polluted mainly due to improper waste management. Plastic is the real villain, it will stay in the soil for long, prohibiting the soil to absorb the rain water. People find the easiest way to dispose the waste, that may be in river or lake, or they may throw it away in barren lands. Mainly developing countries are facing the threat of the mismanagement of waste. Forests are destroyed to make more and more comforts. Soil exploitation is occurring in mining areas. Even though there is awareness programs, nothing happens properly and each year we celebrate an environment day.

The use of vehicles should be reduced, with the help of proper public transport we can do that. Tress should be planted and protected. While you cut down a tree, two trees should be planted. Degrading wastes can be collected to convert it to bio gas and that can be used as fuels in kitchen as well. Proper recycling is the only method to dispose non degradable wastes. Plastics should not be dumped in the soil. Rain water harvesting is the solution for reducing adverse effect of drought. The world should try together to preserve the environment.