Talented Kids

My son studies in grade 3; recently I have to train him for the competitions like, elocution, recitation and story telling. It was a challenge to teach him and train him for the three items; since the competitions were held just after the exams. Just the day after the exams, they were asked to enroll the names of those who intend to participate in the competitions. First they had the primary rounds that took place in the classes; from each division, two boys and two girls were selected for the final events. All for this he got 5 days.

The subject for elocution was ” The Influence of Television”. I wrote one elocution that consisted of 17-20 sentences; along with it I took the poem, “All Things Beautiful” by C.F. Alexander for recitation and the story “Nails in the Fence” that tell about how to control anger, for story telling. The poem is so simple for kids to learn; I shortened the story to make it easy and gave an introduction about the content.

He was interested to learn the elocution first, he learned it and later, I taught him how to present it. He had to stand straight and say the words with firm voice and tone. When he understood the meanings, it was easier for him to present it with confidence.

Then he learned the recitation and the story followed it. He could present it well in the class and he got selection too. We are waiting for the result of the final competition. He had to compete with grade 4 students, but the participation gave him confidence and self-respect. He was very happy that he could learn the three within the short period and he could present it in front of the teachers.

Competitions are good for kids, but parents should be careful while insisting them to participate. They are competing, but not only for the prizes, all  kids are talented, some may win and some may lose. If we lose, we can correct our mistakes before coming for the next time. If we win, then also we have to be more cautious to collect more points for the next time. We can train the kids to select the poems and stories by themselves, for elocution they can suggest their own points. A competitive spirit is good for learning too. It may prompt them to read more and they may become more interested in their studies. We should teach them to congratulate the one who have won and console them who have lost. A healthy and loving relationships will be build up there and there may be no place for jealousy.


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