Land Phone

It is almost one week since I have written anything here. Busy with so many other commitments. Today, I am again with a new thought, that is on telephone. 

Telephone is a great invention by Alexander Graham Bell. By the end of 19th century, we had this surprise with which we had talked and we are talking a lot. Earlier, we used land phones and in the first decades of 21st century on we are having mobile phones and now each day comes up with new surprise on mobile phones.

We have both mobiles and land phones in our home, mobile phones for the elders and land phone for the common use. Most people have both phones. On land phone, we are making common calls, ringing up our relatives; and in mobile phones we prefer to talk with our beloveds and friends, to talk with whom we need to have privacy or if we want to hide anything from our family.

Earlier, we were free to travel where we want, we were free to meet anybody and we were free to be late. Really, we were not observed, there was only one phone in home and that too is the land phone. All on a sudden we had the mobile phones, that wonder conquered the market, with a number of service provider; and each one offers a lot for their customers. Now, it has become a status symbol to have the latest mobile phone with us. While it conquered the market, it conquered our freedom too. We are observed, we are not allowed to be late; whenever, we are late, we are supposed to inform because we have the mobile phone.

It is a blessing as it helps to nurture relationships, we can ring up our relatives and they can ring up us too. It is soothing to hear the voices of some while we are in pain.

Sometimes, it may become a nuisance, disturbing our privacy and may become mean when we use it for discussing the mistakes of others. We can expect a call at any time on our mobile phone, there is no concern on time, place or attitude.

In some way, it has a role in making our schedule busy and accelerating our tension. We can’t wait for anybody and for anything, we may take our phone and ring the other one. When we didn’t have a phone, we could wait for long; but now waiting has become impossible. 


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